8 useful IT blogs

8 useful IT blogs

In this article, we present several blogs useful for both developers and people who simply work in the IT industry. Most of them are in English, however, we came across a few native gems.

The authors of the blog should be associated with software hous’em Softhis. The articles mainly cover such areas as e-commerce, CRM, ERP, both web and mobile applications, technological trends and interface design. The blog is written in Polish. The materials contained there are not intended only for technical persons, the authors very often present issues also from a business point of view. In fact, the emphasis is on business.

3E Software house’s articles are written in Polish. A great advantage of the blog is its” tutorial ” approach to technical problems: in each text, the authors-employees solve the problem, add the appropriate screenshots and translate step by step, with all the details, their actions. The blog is a kind of case study collection of the implementation of the company’s data projects.

Blog of polish software house, written in English. You can see a huge number of technical texts (largely focused on Ruby on rails), which is one of its greatest advantages, because the company’s employees share their experience and describe real situations related to building applications, and not just prescribe textbook knowledge. Of course, there are also articles on soft topics, but quantitatively they are far inferior to technical reading.

This is the blog of a developer specializing in .NET and SharePoint technologies. He shares his professional experience and passion for programming. On the blog you can also find texts m.in. about testing which chairs are best for developers:) you can also see his articles on bloger_sii.

This is a blog aimed primarily at developers. In addition to a huge number of guides on creating websites and software, there are a lot of reviews of specialized book novelties. In addition, on the blog you can find texts devoted to technological innovations and issues that talk about the internet and various aspects of computer science. Another advantage of the blog is that the author is honest in his assessments, does not hide criticism when actually something is of poor quality (according to him:)).

The goal of the creators of this English-language blog is to help business leaders understand the implications of new technologies and their impact on business, media and society. The service is up to date with all the latest trends and tools that shape the modern economy: cloud, big data, mobile, work futures, internet of things etc. Gigaom has more than 6.5 million readers per month, which is a really impressive result. The blog works with many professionals trying to understand the mechanisms of the market and competition, as well as business leaders who need to evaluate technologies and know how trends can affect the condition of their companies and industries.

The blog aims to bring both the global technology level of the business and the local one closer. The service is divided into sections: central Europe, Middle East, Scandinavia, Africa, UK, Italy, Spain, Estonia, EU. The portal presents technological innovations, trends, examples of technical solutions relevant for all those interested in the IT industry.

This is a very informative blog-magazine for IT professionals. A funny icon depicting the author of the portal in glasses is a ‘demonstration’ for whom the blog is intended – for nerds:) who feel at ease in the virtual world. Of course, the site is written in English. There you can find only information related to technology and software. The advantage of the blog is also its intuitive design.

Are there any other IT-related sites that we have left out that should be on the list? Which of these blogs do you read?

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