7 Trends to User-Experience in E-Commerce, every trader should know

7 Trends to User-Experience in E-Commerce, every trader should know

E-Commerce continues its triumphant progress tirelessly. A better User Experience contributes to this. The following are the seven Trends every trader should have on the Screen.

His Were (to sell) online, not only since 2020 is advisable. In the year of the Corona pandemic, a time of lockdowns and the closure of retail, the importance of E-Commerce is all the more evident. Elementary online trading: the User-Experience of your customers, finally, to prepare the virtual Shopping experience at least as much fun as a visit to the shopping centre. These seven Trends for an exceptional User Experience should be familiar to all traders.

1. Shopping with Augmented and Virtual Reality

Ikea and Amazon had with Echo Look early on, the idea is to allow the user online Offline experience: the Integration of products in the personal environment. Furniture can be placed in the virtual shopping in your own apartment, selected clothing appears to be virtually projected on the body. According to a study by Gartner, 100 million consumers already carry their purchases using Augmented Reality.

2. Increased acceptance for KI

The initial skepticism of artificial intelligence has given way to by successive Integration into the everyday life of a tense expectation, what are the steps in its Evolution are still to come. For example, the accuracy of product proposals in the online shop: The accuracy is increasing, which in turn increases the acceptance and efficiency. This will cause the AI already has an optimal recommendation of the Council of Europe, before the User is not thought of it that way. This saves time and enhances the emotional bond with the provider, as well as a study of Elaboratum shows.

3. Stationary Showrooms for Online platforms

The image of the inner cities converts to a course from restaurants and Showrooms. Instead of the available space with as much as possible the goods to equip, there will be a presentation of major products, which can then be used in the desired variant ordered. The products themselves do not necessarily belong to the inventory of the showroom. The gets rather receive a Commission for the mediation of the customer. The delivery will be made according to the customer request, in your own four walls or in the Showroom, products can be tested and replaced. Amazon operates these stores in the United States is already very successful.

Full goods is no coincidence baskets. In addition to the offer itself, there are many criteria for success. (Photo: Unzer)

4. The package lands in the pack station. Or on the high-rise roof

Pack stations are already a familiar sight in the cities. They offer the User the opportunity to come up by means of short trails around the clock, purchase orders. The flexibility of leaves, the feeling of being able to self-determined action, without neighbors rely. PWC has shed light on these possibilities in a study. For terms of volume, small or important to immediately supplies, such as medicines, are drones a Trend, the areas for the Metropolitan areas to be soon established. The direct delivery in the upper floors of a high-rise building is also conceivable, such as floor-based Storage.

5. Social Commerce: Follow the Money

Marketers don’t interact on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Tiktok ostensibly for the purpose of advertising, but in the tone and style of the User contributions. This Form of Social Commerce has developed through the optimization of the parameters stored to a particularly accept a Form of advertising. Today’s Algorithms to meet the taste of the User, the Breasts likes to have a product the first to be discovered. This success is, in turn, shared in social media and increases the attention.

6. The Voice-Commerce is pronounced trust

Amazon, Apple and co. have gradually formed from your voice assistant, a digital shopping companion that can give up on demand orders. With the Integration of Voice solutions in the home, car, headphones, and more Voice-Commerce developed by leaps and bounds to create a completely new User Experience. Artificial intelligence is the Advisory role of a professional shop employee takes over. Since the User has a personal connection to his voice wizard, and its recommendations, brings a high level of confidence increases, the order of activity.

7. All payment methods to offer a Hand

Numerous new payment methods to conquer the E-Commerce and one thing is for sure: customers can choose from multiple payment methods and, thus, to decide how they want to pay, are more likely to opt for the purchase, are willing to spend more and come with a higher probability. In the meantime, there are so many types of payment that traders have a hard time to find the right Mix. Digital Payment Partner as Unzer pave the way by pure simplicity. Unzer offers all popular payment methods Apple Pay to Visa with a single contract and Integration. Thanks to a tool, the payment can be analyzed customers ‘ preferences and payment methods at any time, or to be switched on. Payment failures can be prevented by fraud prevention, credit check, in real-time and secure whole-number types.

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