7 apps for Android for developers

7 apps for Android for developers

Thanks to all kinds of applications on Android, the developer can work on the project no matter where he is. However, the development tools that are available on mobile devices will not be as convenient as the same ones used on computers. However, they offer more and more interesting features. We chose 7 apps, which are worth paying attention to.

A universal compiler that the programmer can always have at hand. Online Compiler is very intuitive and supports the following languages:

– C
– C++
– Java
– JavaScript
– Perl
– Python
– Haskell .
– C#

With this application, you can easily compile the code in the above languages and run it on any Android device. The compiler is easy to install and works quickly. Just write the code on your smartphone or tablet and run the online compiler. A big advantage is also the ability to use a single compiler for many different languages, instead of installing to each separately dedicated application.

Qpython is a combine containing a python interpreter, a console, an editor, and the sl4a library for Android. With this application, you can easily and easily create projects and write scripts in python on smartphones and tablets. Qpython has PiP support, can execute codes and files from qrcode, and QEDit provides convenient script creation and editing. The application uses the Android terminal emulator code.

The advanced integrated development environment (IDE), which allows you to create applications for Android directly from your smartphone or tablet AIDE has an editor that can supplement the code, check for errors in real time and facilitate code refactoring. With aide you can support applications created in java / xml, c / c++, using Android SDK and Android NDK and Java console.

It is worth adding that the IDE described here is compatible with the popular Eclipse development environment (using AIDE, for example, you can continue writing projects started in the IBM IDE) and opens projects prepared in Android Studio. The application can also be used by novice programmers, for whom the manufacturer has prepared interactive lessons.

Sand is the ability to program in Java at any place and at any time. The manufacturer provides an integrated development environment that you can always have at hand. Sand IDE has an extensive editor that has many useful features, for this we will also find a very good Java 1.3 and 1.6 compiler. With sand you can also run prepared applications. Here we get IDEs that allow you to program, check algorithms, and even practice skills in Java.

A great convenience in the work of a programmer can be the ability to quickly convert numbers. To do this, you should have at hand a functional calculator, preferably working on a smartphone, which is always somewhere in the pocket of the programmer. The application offered here is a tool that allows you to enter binary, octal and hexadecimal numbers directly, and the results can be obtained in many different forms.

Another useful application is Termux. It combines a terminal emulator and simultaneously creates a Linux environment. It does not require you to root your phone. Gives a lot of opportunities such as:

– Using bash and zsh
– Edit files in nano or vim
– Access servers via SSH
– Programming – with the ability to install clang, make, gdb, Python, Git or svn

it’s a nice SSH, SFTP and telnet client that you can use on both your phone and desktop. Allows you to synchronize between devices assigned to the user (in the premium version), or leave the active session in the background. In addition, it extends the Android keyboard with keys that are very useful in the console-such as arrows, escape, control or function keys.

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