60% discount on the course for Python developers

60% скидка на курс для Python-разработчиков

Online course for those who want to master Python and become a developer.

For anyone

For beginners, the level of “from scratch”.


7 months the course consists of 39 basic modules.

The program

Python developer from scratch

  1. Setting up the environment
  2. The underlying data structures
  3. The main operators
  4. A detailed analysis of the functions
  5. Modules and packages
  6. Namespaces and scope
  7. Classes and objects
  8. Class inheritance
  9. Class inheritance
  10. Exceptions
  11. Tools of functional programming
  12. Multiprotocol
  13. Support of cycle development, thesis project
  14. Standard and third-party Python libraries
  15. Practice working with advanced data types and CSV files
  16. Library for working with resources

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Web layout

  1. Introductory module
  2. HTML
  3. Basic CSS
  4. The Basics Of The JavaScript
  5. Adaptability and cross-browser compatibility
  6. Design
  7. Advanced CSS
  8. Tools coder


Know Django, you will learn the basics of working with databases, learn the formation mechanism of the server response, learn how to create a web application and set it to General access.

Advanced python

You will learn about Python 3, its new features, asynchronous programming and how to use it in Python 3 to write more productive sites.


The cost of the course is 2 925 ROS. rubles a month (a discounted rate).

Discount to all readers dev.by 60% of the link.

The campaign will last until 31 December.

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