6 things you can do on the course programming

6 things you can do on the course programming

I think every specialist from the code, regardless of whether you are a beginner or more advanced, he didn’t know what really needs to do next, after the completion of the basic programming tutorial.

In a time like this, of course, go ahead and get started subsequent courses, but not the only way you can extend your skills.

I here are 6 things that I believe, it is better to take after completing the course programming for beginners. I’ll show You how to enter deeper into the world of software development. Let’s go!!!

Help others

I am more than confident that during your adventure with encoding at least once have You ever use from Stack Overflow, or just looking for the file on the Internet for the solution to your problem. It does not really matter whether it was a problem with the configuration or with the code. Each of us, developers, asks others for help, and seek it in different places – it’s something completely normal.

Finished pass the course, you now have a little more knowledge about this language/technology, on the other – is to share it and help someone.

Might have happened to You that something in the environment/the code was not working as it should, but now you see that it is not, and after making changes, compiles all of the sudden?

Know that these and other problems, continues to tease new developers – so why not support it?

On Stack Overflow and other sites and forums for developers, a lot of programmers who are just waiting for Your help. You can even change or add something from yourself, in other answers, so you get a “reputation points” that you should demonstrate in your RESUME. To be docenionym others, and personal satisfaction, however, they are worth a lot more!

Implement your idea

You have a great idea for an app, but previously you were not able to implement it? So think about your application as a draft right now.

Divide it into smaller parts, and then on user stories and try this step by step to implement. Think about a design, functions and other necessary elements.

Do not try to do something that is very difficult or, on the other hand, too simple. In addition, you will have lots of motivation, working in a project where myself to decide on it. Different ideas for the app, you can search online to find inspiration in your neighborhood or ask around among friends.

Start reading more complicated, articles or books

Now you don’t need to read the “How to start coding?” or “How to configure this, this and this”. You can read about new features in Your language, on how to use a REST API on the external libraries or Dockerze.

If anything, however, too difficult, try to list all of these things and to find articles or books that You explain (I recommend starting with articles in the Internet before you decide to buy books).

If you know what it is about this article, it means that it is “level”. After a few months you will be amazed, how many can understand. Remember, however, that to check this in practice.

Keep a contribution to the open source

Many projects are open source and can use Your help. Try to itself to find, and look for a simple question. Then make your first pull request. Start with First Timers Only or CodeTriage – I think you will find any problems that you’ll be able to cope.

Participate in local user group meeting, conference or lecture

Another way to increase knowledge is to attend the local user group or participation in webinarach.

No matter what you program in Java, Scala, Ruby, or Python. Just ask them where they meet.

Even if a job can seem daunting, so, I recommend to try. Maybe, indeed, be just, or at least meet with other developers, and you will be able to talk to them.

Write articles

Try to create your own additional. It could be something about the problem, which he recently experienced or new feature that you’ve tried. You can also write something about your experience in learning programming.

You can also summarize some conference or to write about the app and its functions. You have no idea how much You give it.

Maybe own ever read something interesting that may help You in creating your article. Thus, it is possible to help someone with a problem, or explain something heavy in a simple way. The only thing you will have to spend is time.

These are just a few ways to develop your skills. You don’t need to use it.

Let us know if any of them helped You!

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