5 mods Oculus Quest for a better comfort

5 mods Oculus Quest for a better comfort

Oculus Quest is an amazing achievement in the field of VR research; no other standalone VR headset offers quality, reliable positional tracking, ease of use and competitive price, as Quest. But, nevertheless, you may find that once you start to use it, in one very important area, namely in comfort, there is still room for improvement.


Quest is quite heavy and you will need only one hour of use headset weight 571 g. to feel the discomfort on the face, neck and perhaps even on the bridge of the nose and forehead — and that’s even assuming that you know how to wear it properly.


Unfortunately, no amount of tightening the straps or repositioning can’t change the fact that the built-in battery Quest and the computer based on Snapdragon 835 was placed in the front along with the displays, and then combined with the similar design of the head strap.



Fortunately, some manufacturers and enthusiasts have come up with some nifty ways to make the Quest more enjoyable.




Using the Audio strap Deluxe Strap (DAS) from the HTC Vive, you can quite easily make your way to a more comfortable weight distribution if you already have an accessory $ 100.


If not, you can still consider to make FrankenQuest, as it does a wonderful job of weight distribution of the headset more evenly. The ratchet system in the form of a crank, as in Oculus Rift’s also a little better suited for quick adjustment. Another great thing: the built-in audio connectors directly into the 3.5 mm audioport Quest, which provides a better insulation for a more exciting sound.





However, this mod makes the Quest a little less portable, as DAS more and less flexible than the original system of straps Quest. While it is much easier to detach, because the only thing that keeps it on most of the display is a couple of improvised pieces of Velcro and one D-ring.


If you are looking for a simple set of instructions on how to make your FrankenQuest, Sebastian Anga of MRTV has a great video (see below), where you step by step how to remove the standard strap and replace it with DAS.



Balances and additional straps


Although the strap of the Oculus Quest is good, but he’s not as well suited for heavy construction, creating a simple counterweight to compensate for the volume, forward facing.


Add external battery on the back of the strap can not only help to balance the headset, but also to give more charge for longer gaming sessions. You can make it as simple as hooking the battery using cable ties or more complicated clamps, which can either print on a 3D printer or order on sites such as Amazon.




In addition, you can obtain the solution (a bit expensive), pre-ordering mod counterweight Oculus VR Quest Balance for Comfort $ 30. It fits to the appearance of the existing strap, though, because it is the product of a Kickstarter campaign, the community still did not appreciate the overall quality of the product. It is a simple counterweight, and not the battery, so you’ll swap the functionality that VR Balance finds the perfect balance.


An option that can be used in conjunction with balances, is an additional overhead straps that help to distribute the weight evenly across the head. Such strap can be found on Amazon, eBay, and a VR Balance.


Additional padding



The inner part of the strap Quest is designed to hold the head, although it does not add a lot of shims for long-lasting comfort. Here you will find several options that fit snugly to the inner side of the back of the strap:


  • Trim for head Esimen ($ 21)
  • Eyglo Head Pad ($ 22)
  • VR Cover ($ 19)


It also adds a bit more volume to the rear headsets that essentially makes it a counterweight.


VR overlays


The more you use your Quest, the more sweat, dirt, and other debris associated with a person ultimately will be absorbed into the facial interface headset.



Created in the pre-consumer days, the brand name “VR Cover” created soft facial interfaces for most typefaces which will appear on the market, including Vive, Rift, Go, Windows MR, Rift’s, Index and Oculus Quest.


VR Cover is not the only company in this industry, since Amazon is full of such kind of mods that range from simple fabric coatings to silicone gaskets.



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