5 ergonomic chairs that we think are best for your spine

5 ergonomic chairs that we think are best for your spine

In one of our articles you could find out-what do programmers sit on. He was just the guy to write that text. Choosing chairs is very difficult, given that they are very expensive. When investing, you take into account not only the comfort of work, but above all the health of your spine.

What elements are worth paying attention to when buying a chair?

1. Material from which the chair is made

It is natural that every person sweats, so when choosing a chair, it is worth considering what material it is made of to allow air to pass through. It is best to choose those that have a microsatellite or are made of natural leather-but then you have to reckon with the fact that during the heat in the summer you can slip.

2. Adjustable backrest, headrest, armrests and seat

This is important because it involves adjusting the parameters of the chair to your height and weight, as well as adjusting it for comfortable work. Be sure to check what kind of movement mechanism the product has.

3. It shouldn’t creak. 🙂

To find out about this, you should usually sit on a chair and move on it, and also check what materials its parts are made of.

4. Movement mechanism

Below are the three most common movement mechanisms:

TILT – that’s the rocking function. The possibility of locking the seat and backrest, so that one position is taken for work. In addition, this function provides for the adjustment of the height, the resistance of the backrest. On many forums you can see that a lot of people complain about it. It all depends on what you need.

MULTIBLOCK – the ability to sway; lock seat and backrest in 5 positions. The function allows you to take the appropriate position at the desk (adjust the height, the resistance of the backrest to the weight and dimensions of the user). In addition, it is equipped with anti-shock, that is, protection against hitting the backrest in the back of the user.

The two mechanisms are very similar, so what is the difference? Tilt is easier to use, allows you to lock the chair only in the upright position. Releasing it causes the backrest to tilt. In contrast, with multiblock, you can keep the seat in the tilted position.

SYNCHRO SELF it is a mechanism that allows simultaneous movement of the backrest (rocking) and lock at any time, in the selected position of the deviation. Its advantage is the constant contact of the backrest with the user’s back. The resistance of the backrest is adjusted to the weight of the seated.

List of chairs

The list of chairs was chosen on the basis of research done on many blogs and forums for developers. We compared them with the criteria that we presented above.


The advantage of the chair from IKEA is not only the price, but also a micro-seat that allows free airflow and built-in lumbar support. The multiblock function ensures a stable slope adjustment. You can adjust the height of the seat, and its permissible load is 110 kg.  The disadvantage is the lack of adjustment of armrests and headrest. In addition, the wheels are made of rubber, also will not” piss ” on the floor. On internet forums you can find opinions that Markus is particularly good for tall people.

Office chair-model KB-8901

The chair has the ability to adjust the armrests (they are additionally covered with a soft pad), headrest and seat height. The product has a multiblock mechanism enriched with the function of “anti-shock”. The backrest is profiled for the lumbar section. The chair is made of high-density microfibre and foam (this is an advantage, since the seat will not deform). The permissible seat load is up to 150 kg. The manufacturer assures that the wheels are soft, but the aluminum base may suggest that there is a possibility of scratching the floor.

Ergohuman BT

It has a synchro self movement mechanism. The advantage of the chair is the profiled seat: its height, depth and inclination of the backrest relative to the seat. The product also has adjustable armrests, backrest with dynamic support of the lumbar part. It also has an adjustable headrest. The Ergohuman BT is made of microfiber and its seat is upholstered with breathable fabric.

Ergomax flexi plus

It has the functions of adjustment: seat height, seat angle with backrest in several positions, height and distance of armrests, height and angle of inclination of the headrest, position of lumbar support relative to the height of the user – here we advise the chair for tall people, because the support has a small range of adjustment. The chair was made of micro-seat (backrest). The maximum seat load is 150 kg.


The product is designed for people with a height of about 180cm and a weight of 90 kg. They are attached to it are two pillows: headrest and lumbar. In addition, you can adjust the backrest in different planes (deviation even to a semi-reclining position). In this model, you can adjust the height of the armrests. The chair is upholstered in eco-leather and mesh fabric.

Remember what?

Just buying a chair will not solve the problem of a sore back. Look at the article: How IT companies take care of the health of employees. It is necessary to take breaks of 10-15 minutes to straighten the bones. If you have any questions, please feel free to discuss.

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