4 code quality checker tools

4 code quality checker tools

Code climate, Codacy, SonarQube and many other tools support the work of a modern developer. Good quality code and its high readability is not only a better-performing application, but above all, greater ease of its modification and development.

It will not be a discovery to say that you can encode well or badly. In both cases, the application may work, but low quality of programming also affects the quality of the code, its structure and makes it difficult to make modifications and adding new functionality. If the code is transparent and understandable for everyone, it can be easier and faster to work on it. Add to this the habits of individual coders, which can further obscure the code. Fortunately, developers are increasingly using tools that allow you to automate checking the quality of the code. Here is a brief overview of a few of them.

Code Climate

A tool straight from New York, which has already gained many followers around the world. The creators of code climate boast that already more than 50 thousand. developers are using their product. With Code Climate you can perform static code analysis and thus detect any repetitions and identify complex methods and classes.

This tool can be used for languages such as CSS, go, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby. After each scan, the tool evaluates the quality of the code, which changes with the improvement of its fragments or with the addition of new functionalities. Code Climate also calculates code coverage by tests. The execution of all lines of code during the test is monitored, and then the result is displayed as a percentage (test coverage). Code climate is free for open source projects.


An alternative to code climate is Codacy, which supports Ruby, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Scala, CoffeeScript and CSS. This is a tool that works very well in both small and large companies. Codacy also performs static analysis and detects repetitions in code, and calculates code coverage by tests. The tool automatically detects new code elements and analyzes them.

Codacy is a very flexible tool and easy to adapt to your needs. It also allows you to accurately follow the evolution of the code and shows how the project changes, how it evolves. Codacy reviews the code automatically, so developers don’t have to worry about it, which makes it much easier. You can install this tool on your own server. In addition, comprehensive support from the Codacy manufacturer is provided.


Analysis of code quality can take a lot of time, so more and more developers are trying to automate such processes. Another tool that can help in this is the SonarQube platform. Input data, i.e. source code, is transmitted from the IDE or from the SCM. Platform parses code according to predefined rules and in this way it checks whether these rules have been met.

SonarQube supports more than 20 programming languages, including Java, PL / SQL, COBOL, C / C ++ and C#. But that’s not all. This tool supports various plugins, also written for a specific language that was not previously supported. This makes it possible to significantly extend the functionality of SonarQube. The user is actually provided with four components of this tool: database, plugins, analyzer and server.

Understand Scitools

This is another tool for static code analysis. According to the developers, understand is currently used by at least 20 thousand. developers around the world. It can also act as integrated development environment. Above all, however, it has very good analytical capabilities, and test results can be visualized.

Understand supports many programming languages, such as Java, Python, C/C++, C#, Delhi / Pascal. This is a very fast tool, it can analyze up to 1 million lines of code in 5 minutes.

Of course, our summary does not exhaust all the tools that can be used to analyze the quality of code. More and more new solutions are available on the market, which offer a variety of functionalities. Therefore, first of all, choose a tool for your own needs and the specifics of the work of a particular team of developers.

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