360°VIDEO. 2 minutes in the heart of a herd of rhinos

360°. Thanks to this 360° video shot by the Discovery channel, you are projected in South Africa, within a herd of rhinos grazing quietly. Chris Sussons, the director of the nature reserve, explains during the video, the need to remove the horn of these animals in order to protect them from poachers. Farmers are already using this option. They believe that the ban on the trade in rhino horns only fuels poaching and ensure that they can meet Asian demand by supplying rhino horns that have not been killed. Breeders cut it with a saw, a painless procedure for the animal that is anesthetized for about fifteen minutes and the horn grows back once it has been cut properly. Another solution emerged in 2016 : moving. Thus, to avoid the extinction of rhinos, animal advocates have opted for a solution as radical as it is expensive : to force them to emigrate. Eighty mammals will be transferred from South Africa to Australia over a four-year period.

© Youtube / Discovery

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