360° films that make your head turn

360° films that make your head turn

Far ahead in the production and distribution of VR films, including globally, the Arte channel makes them available for free on its Arte 360° app, which already has 300,000 subscribers. Immersion in an exhibition, a historical monument, a museum and even in paintings … Cultural experiences are many.

Dali Museum. Nestled in Florida, this museum has gained worldwide publicity by producing Dreams of Dali, a five-minute film where the visitor dives into a surrealist painting by the painter, walks in his psychedelic universe, revolves around objects, trees, elephants. Impressive.

Vuitton Foundation. Shot on the occasion of the great Shchukin exhibition in Paris until March 5, this short film allows you to walk in Saint Petersburg in the Shchukin Palace, now occupied by Russian troops. Climbing the stairs of the greatest collector of the twentieth century, one comes face to face with the naked dancers painted by Matisse for the place.

360° virtual tour of Fontainebleau Castle (77). Art 360

Castle of Fontainebleau. When Arte offered turnkey 360 ° VR filming to the management of the castle, the latter saw the opportunity to revive these places of pageantry, but also to attract visitors. The result is stunning. The tour commented by the journalist Andrea Fies is playful and erudite. The panoramas are magnificent.

Carnegie Hall. Maestro, please! Being teleported to the stage of Carnegie Hall in New York among the musicians as they play the tune of Edvard Grieg’s Peer Gynt Mountain King’s Lair is fun. The audience seems so far away! Google renewed the experience with the Berliner Philharmoniker in Berlin, the Royal Shakespeare Company in London and, finally, at the Teatro Municipal in Sao Paulo. All these films shot in 360° are available for free on the Internet.

Montmartre Museum. Directed by Frédéric Purgal, this short film of 2 min 40 immerses us in the studio of Maurice Utrillo and Suzanne Valadon in Montmartre. It won the best art film award at the Screen4All festival in October 2016.

Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium. Produced with Google, The Fall of the Rebellious Angels allows viewers to plunge into the midst of demonic creatures as Lucifer is expelled from Paradise in the painting by Bruegel the Elder (1562).

The Prado Museum. To celebrate the Dutch Renaissance master Hieronymus Bosch, whose paintings are too fragile to move, the great Museum of Madrid has made a small film where we dive into the trees, flowers and fantastic animals of the famous painting The Garden of Delights.

“The Arte 360° VR app

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