250 million euros for video games

DGermany country will, in the future, the domestic development of video games to a greater extent promote. Overall, the Federal government will provide in the next years 250 million euros, as Andreas Scheuer (CSU), Federal Minister for transport and digital infrastructure, announced on Friday to the political opening of the video game fair, Gamescom, in a published Video. While it has been around for a year, a pilot promotion, in which the Federal government gives the project up to 200,000 euros, will now be the project funding totals of several million euros.

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Scheuer spoke of “a lot of money for individual games”. The production of great video games can easily cost a two – or even three-digit million amount. But even smaller projects should be recorded: this is a funding rate of up to 50 percent is possible. From the end of September, the first applications should be submitted. “First Games-big projects, I’ll give until the end of the year,” said Scheuer.

He makes a promise, the Union and the SPD in their coalition agreement. At the same time he is a year-long Insistence of the industry. Other countries promote their video-game developer for quite some time. The managing Director of the industry Association Game, Felix Falk, according to the production of a game in Germany is currently up to 30% more expensive than in France or the UK. “With the Start of the big Games-the promotion of Germany as a Games location international finally competitive,” he says. “This is the start of our comeback.”

The Corona-crisis has helped the game industry in General. Data of the information service Newzoo, according to be spent on the world, in the meantime, more than 160 billion dollars in the year for video games. Also, the German market is growing, last year people spent in this country of almost 3.5 billion euros for games Software, together with the sales figures for Hardware, such as gaming PCs and consoles, there are even more than 6 billion. However, the German developer studios benefit from: In only about 5 percent of the market share of German developments in their home market.

With the state funds to be different. The subsidies were useful, says Christian Rusche by the employer near Institute of the German economy in Cologne. “Video game development have a relatively large external effects. From a well-run local Games industry, the rest of the IT industry, technical suppliers and also the German advertising market will benefit.“

“Cultural test” for Games projects

He refers also to the fact that the video game is an attractive development of talented professionals. “If you can develop a game App, you can also develop other applications to support the Games industry holds the expertise in Germany.” As other countries have encouraged their developers, at risk of those that did not, in the medium term, the Exodus of key professionals, and were also dependent on the outside.

The industry is calling for, especially clarity in the procurement processes. “It should be clear processes that fit to the speed in the Games industry,” said Hendrik Klindworth, co-founder and head of the Hamburg-based developer Innogames. “You have to be able to rely on. Then it could be a good thing.“ In the implementation of the pilot funding in the past year, moaned Scheuers under the Ministry of the number of applications, the processing of applications hooked. In the meantime, however, many subsidies have been granted.

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In order to get the funding game projects pass a “cultural test”. This asks whether the situation of the game in Germany or Europe, or the German or European culture. Can apply companies, also foreign, which only have a branch in Germany. However, it must be an essential part of the development in Germany.

In this year alone on the Internet, to be held at the end of Gamescom focuses on the use of video games in school. Digitization Minister of state Dorothee Bär (CSU), said she will work to ensure that more games will come and ask there. “You make fun, motivate, and give immediate Feedback – these properties make it an excellent teaching tool.” Also, Federal foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD), visited the fair in a virtual visit. Gaming, connecting people across borders, he said in a Friday Interview published.

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