25 best VR games on Valve Index and Vive
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    • 25 best VR games on Valve Index and Vive

    25 best VR games on Valve Index and Vive

    In 2016, Valve supports a culture of openness for VR Steam games (officially known as the Steam VR). This means that most VR headsets PC can handle most games Steam VR. Obviously, you will be able to buy all these games on Steam. Also note that this list includes some early access games, which are games that have not received final development are, therefore, recommended at the discretion of the buyer.

    The best games and the Steam experience VR at Index and Vive

    25. OHSHAPE


    Rhythm-action games there are plenty for VR-headsets, but OhShape stands out due to its focus on fitness and range of options. It’s basically human Tetris; blocks with a hole in the shape of a man move towards you and you have to mimic their shapes to score points. In addition, there are obstacles to Dodge and coins to collect, which makes it very dynamic VR-game, keeping you in suspense.

    But OhShape also offers custom songs and a long list of options to customize the experience to your liking. If you come to VR specifically looking for VR fitness games, OhShape exactly what you need.

    24. REC ROOM


    Most social VR platforms are not really “games”, but the Rec Room deservedly takes its place in this list, with an emphasis on fun activities that you can share with friends, instead of just meeting and communicating through virtual avatars. Against Gravity offers a comprehensive number of multiplayer games and a powerful set of creation, it means that sit idle is not necessary.

    This is a game that can be played for free. If you wish, you can decorate yourself with beauty products of premium class, but all well-designed mini-games that include some brilliant joint levels of quests and even a fresh take on the genre Battle Royale, absolutely free. Add to that a complete crossplatform support, and Rec Room will only flourish as the VR industry grows every year. Don’t be surprised if next year the Rec Room will be the largest and most recognizable VR application, and may even climb up the list of the best games Steam VR.

    23. RED MATTER


    In VR there are many excellent research games, but none of them looks so well tuned for the platform, like Red Matter from the Vertical Robot. In this intriguing mystery adventure you travel to another planet to explore an abandoned enemy base in the midst of the sci-Fi conflict in cold war-style. If you really want to feel in a different world from Red Matter — this is the place where you want to go.



    The Exorcist VR more than justifies its place in this list. The game unfolds in five chapters, each of which presents different cases, and maybe that’s the worst game in the genre of virtual reality. It is crucial, however: it’s not because it’s just a collection of scary stories.

    Exorcist VR understands how to use the platform is a clever, creepy ways to distort your judgment and make you guess. This is one of those games in the list, which is only for the bravest of us, but if you consider yourself one of those people, you can’t miss it.



    Hot Dogs, Horseshoes and Hand Grenades (H3VR) first released in 2016, but in 2020, it remains one of the most regularly updated VR gaming. The developers of RUST LTD are constantly adding new game modes and weapons in his collection of experiments.

    There are simulated firing range with hundreds of available weapons, and game modes such as “Take and hold”, which in General hold some players for hundreds of hours. With each update, this title is one of the best games Vive and Index.



    Job Simulator laid the Foundation for many wonderful virtual interactions that we enjoy today. Vacation Simulator builds on this progress with a number of excellent mini-games that preserve the comfort and dive into the essence of each activity. If you’re on a ski slope simulator, build sand castles or apply the lotion to robots, every task of the game is carefully thought out.

    Not to mention the fact that the game has a great sense of humor and an enthusiastic curiosity to explore new things in virtual reality. Simulator home is the experience that proves that we have not yet learned all that is in virtual reality. Actually it is not so; there are several mini-games that could make the VR experience. It makes Vacation Simulator one of the best games Vive and Index.



    There are a lot of comments about how VR can distort our society. Virtual Reality gives us a comic look at this future first hand. This immersive story-driven experience is taken as basis and the wit Portal to create a fun and deeply curious demonstration of the narrative and interaction of the VR.

    You play as a new member of the virtual universe that caters to a wide range of clients, embodying their most bizarre fantasies. For example, someone wants to be a lump of butter, dream that it stuck perfectly toasted bread. Behind all this, however, hides a sinister work of the Corporation. Virtual Virtual Reality may seem funny, but it’s an important cautionary tale.



    Initially, Budget Cuts was a revolutionary experience from the point of view of movement, but limited artificial intelligence of the enemy and confusing level design did not allow him to fully realize their potential. Fortunately, Budget Cuts 2 solved all of these problems that led to that experience that we wanted to in the first game.

    This thrilling experience stealth virtual reality, where fast reactions and quick thinking necessary to get through the enemy base. What makes Budget Cuts, is its dependence on the skill of the player; if you do not learn throwing knives and shooting arrows, you will quickly die. This is a rare kind of VR game that requires players full incarnation of the avatar, in which they play. This continuation is considered to be one of the best Vive games Index and best games.



    It’s a short, interesting adventure takes place in the British Institute of archaeology where you will solve difficult test in search of a missing archeologist.

    What makes The VR Room to work is its commitment to the platform on which it appears. It’s not just a bunch of puzzles that will work on a traditional screen; each was invented with VR in the basis. This makes it one of the best games Steam VR, especially if you’re passionate about puzzles.

    16. ONWARD


    With this seemingly instant success and some of the most reliable and realistic mechanisms for shooting in VR, you wouldn’t have thought “Onward” was developed by one person, who never did play. But it originated this excellent multiplayer military simulation game, paving the way for a new generation of VR gaming, one that people have been looking for for years.

    What’s so impressive in Onward, so is his personality. While Pavlov impressive “dresses” in Counter-Strike, with its carefully designed cards, Onward much more based on realism, and its rate reflects that. This is a game that requires close teamwork and weighted action, if you want to survive on the battlefield. It is still in early access, but Onward has established itself as one of the best games of Vive.

    15. MOSS


    Moss is one of the few games in 2018, in which it is proved that the virtual reality experience from a third party doesn’t just work, but can attempt with the absolute best content on the platform. You need the adorable little mouse named Quill through the levels, solving puzzles and battling fearsome creatures in battle with swords.

    Despite the fact that it is mechanically improved, real Moss claim to fame is the connection that you build with Quill throughout the adventure. Playing the role more of a companion for a tiny the main character, you really begin to communicate with her, working together to overcome obstacles. This is very similar to the team effort, which in itself is a wonderful feeling.

    14. GORN


    Want to tear the guy’s head? Beat him with a rock? Poke a Mace in the face and knock out your eyeballs? Gorn allows you to do all this, and that’s fine, not because we have psychotic tendencies, but because all this is so stupid that you can not laugh. In addition to stupidity, here really has a great structure that will make you return to unlock new content and to do battle is surprisingly tense. It’s silly, but Gorn is a game that you want to be taken seriously.



    Microsoft recently bought a Hellblade developer Ninja Theory, but that didn’t stop her releasing one of the most amazing, sharp and full VR games in 2018. You might already know “Hellblade” as intricately woven and unbearable stress research combined with stunning visual effects and fantastic fight.

    VR-version of Hellblade is all the same… only in VR. If you need evidence that you’ll be able to port big games to virtual reality and only a little thought, to improve the experience, look at Hellblade VR.



    Waiting for the new content Vanishing Realms, it seemed, stretched on forever, but when it finally came, it met all what we were hoping for. This fantasy role-playing game will give you all of the necessary adventure virtual reality; hand-to-hand combat, accurate archery and spell.



    VR does not get any weirder or more surreal than Accounting+ and it is meant in a very good way. It’s an amazing, chaotic investigation of the presence of the character in VR. In Accounting+ grotesque creatures yelling at you, and the friendly abomination gutting. It’s scary, embarrassing, fun, and a whole range of other things which are not a lot of VR games.



    The initial entry in the groundbreaking series Cloudhead Games ‘ The Gallery was one of the most pure and exciting research that VR-adventure games can be for its time. He had a childish fantasy of such films as “Dark crystal” and combined it with a whole new way of puzzle solving and character interaction.

    Then came Episode 2 and successfully turned it all into a “full” experience. In search of his missing sister you travel to other worlds and meet incredible characters in really awesome places. The Gallery is something that will make you believe that you are teleported to another world, and it is one of the most successful projects of VR in this respect. In combination, the series “The Gallery” is one of the most comprehensive, thoughtful event that you can find in VR.



    Who would have thought that all of that could make the developers, the closest virtual reality, still come down to “killer applications”, is a rhythm-action game with stunning light swords? It seems ridiculous, but one hit to Beat Saber, and you’ll understand why it’s such a hit; it’s a completely immersive experience that makes you feel king of the world.

    8. NO MAN’S SKY VR


    No Man’s Sky has promised to transfer its entire universe of billions of planets generated associated with endless oceans of space that you can explore alone or with friends in VR. He had a few technical problems, but you can’t deny that this is done in this extremely ambitious format. You can lose endless hours here, traveling on top of the mountain, scouting the bottom of the ocean and fighting in space ships.

    Moreover, Hello Games has put tremendous efforts to update the virtual reality, making it more natural for the game. There are many beautiful sights and sounds, as well as a pretty heavy cycle of survival and gathering resources to fight back again.



    Saints & Sinners sets the bar for virtual zombie games with a physical battle in the style of the Boneworks, in which you fight hordes of undead, throwing every ounce of effort that you can, in another blow.

    But it’s not just a survival game based on waves or stupid sandbox. Saints & Sinners brings together their actions into full-fledged VR campaign, where you will find a trip to the remains of New Orleans. Add human enemies, more missions and the ability to kill zombies with a spoon, and you will receive one of the most profound native VR games on the market.



    Pistol Whip may be new to this list, but his keen, sharp sound, based on the bits of gameplay is even more hypnotic than Beat Saber. In this neon shooter you are racing through the corridors, destroying the bad guys tunes, avoiding the oncoming fire and trying to get the best results.

    While the Beat Saber wants to make you a dancing Jedi master, Pistol Whip aims to teach you gun-fu style, elegantly fusing a rhythmic and cinematic.



    No matter how great VR-game, the initial novelty will disappear after your first few weeks of immersion. However, if you want to regain the magic of putting on a headset like the first time, there is one experience that will definitely do it: A Fisherman’s Tale. It’s a mind bending puzzle game is very different from anything you’ll see in other games. This alone makes it one of the best games Steam VR.

    A Fisherman’s Tale you solve complex, large-scale puzzles in which you are working… with himself. His best puzzles use the miniature of the lighthouse, in which the game is installed. Raise the roof and you will see a mini-you, mimicking your every move. Just make sure your brain is not broken, when you serve yourself a giant items or bend over to poke himself in the head. To put it mildly, a journey. Add a poignant story about self-image, and you will have a short, sharp VR-game that will stay with you much longer than most hours-long epics.



    If you want to know how far has VR development advanced since 2016, start with Boneworks. Perhaps the third VR game Stress Level Zero is not the most artistically designed shuternyh campaign, but the battle sandbox is based on physics is a real miracle. In this virtual reality every item, from brooms to cover the bunker, you can take and use as a weapon. Every object has a physical presence in the world.

    Look closely at Boneworks, because he laid the foundation for future VR games. Support Knuckles, in particular, makes it one of the best games Index.

    3. SKYRIM VR


    It turns out that Skyrim VR is, well, Skyrim in VR. Definitely, there are some awkward quirks in the port of Bethesda always popular fantasy RPG, but is quickly forgotten while exploring Tamriel. Skyrim VR with hundreds of hours of content, full autonomy to create the type of character you want, and a huge world to be explored, the closest to that is the dream of every adventurer.

    In addition to the original game support of mods makes this endless fountain of gorgeous fan-made content that can turn you into completely new characters or even allow you to experience a completely different game, which is no worse than the original. Skyrim VR will not be easy for some time and retains its crown as one of the best games Vive and best games Index.



    Superhot, without a doubt, is the most useful game in VR. The original “flat screen” was great, but, moving all of her body in this revolutionary shooter, the developer has completely turned the game on its head. In Superhot time moves only when you do something. This means that when you’re standing still, the world around you is also stationary. Every time you raise your hand or tilt your head, the world comes alive. In fact, you are a human device to play video.

    Superhot gives you a full understanding of the physicality of VR and what it means for games. It is an experience in which you realize every inch of his body. It also makes it easy to feel cool in virtual reality; each catch of the gun or throw ninja stars is accompanied by incredible pleasure, which you will not find anywhere else. Superhot VR is currently the gold standard for VR shooters.





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