10 sports we loved during lockdown

According to data published in the latest report of the consulting company Deloitte “Sports Retail study”, Poland in 2021 is on the first place in Europe in terms of the number of people engaged in regular physical activity. 75% of poles declare to play any sport. We are ahead in this area of 7 other countries studied before Deloitte, France (70%), Austria (65%) or Germany (65%).

Lockdown basically did not suppress the growing enthusiasm of Poles for physical activity for many years. However, the number of people playing sports decreased by approx. 12% due to the closure of sports facilities and isolation in homes, but the desire to put muscles in motion still quite often wins with a sofa and a remote control.

This is especially evident in the latest list of sports that are most popular among Poles. The ranking is based on the results of the latest research conducted by the sponsorship Monitor ARC market and opinion.

TOP 10 sports that Poles loved during the locdown

The authors of the study focused on the analysis of the entire previous year. The data collected show that the most active age group is currently poles in the range of 18-24 years. As many as 87% of young adults regularly play any sport. It also looks good for people aged 25-44 years. In this group we find approx. 72.5% of fans of physical activity. In the subsequent age ranges studied, this is 65% (45-54 years) and 54% (55-65 years).

In general, the popularity of sports definitely won cycling. On the podium was also running and gymnastics. However, it is worth noting here that for the oldest sports fans, the ranking is presented somewhat differently. Triumphs are celebrated in walks and hikes. The full ranking for all age groups is as follows:

1.    Cycling – 51%
2.    Running – 46%
3.    Gymnastics and fitness exercises – 36%
4.    Walking and hiking – 31%
5.    Fitness and pilates – 22%
6.    Swimming – 16%
7.    Football – 14%
8.    Gym and crossfit – 12%
9.    Marches – 10%
10.     Volleyball – 9%

Sport: a remedy for difficult times

What is the reason for the continuing interest in sport, to which we are at the top of European physical activity rankings? Not from today it is known that sport is an excellent method of combating stress and the best way to improve well-being. And for more than a year, stress and constant tension accompany us even more often than before. Locked in our homes, often without access to Entertainment other than a computer or TV, we look for new opportunities to catch our breath and distance ourselves from problems. Sport becomes a quick remedy for ailments arising from this demanding situation. From a medical point of view, this is a very good choice. Even half an hour of physical activity a day allows you to lower blood pressure, improve fitness, keep the level of fat at a constant level or increase the body’s immunity.

So we are increasingly willing to turn our apartments into mini-gyms, equip ourselves with professional sports equipment for outdoor activities or participate in online sports activities. According to the Deloitte report “Sports Retail study 2020”, on average, poles spend almost 200 euros a year on sports equipment and clothing.

Hidden potential

This may seem surprising, but this news is of great importance for advertising agencies and marketing departments involved in organizing competitions and loyalty programs. Why?

The inclusion of Sports benefits in the prize pool is now the most logical and simple way to attract the attention of a growing audience interested in physical activity. And thus-to increase the number of recipients of shares. This is especially important when the company for which the competition is organized positions itself as a brand that supports physical culture and cares about the health of its customers. From the above studies it is clear that sport plays an important role in the life of poles. It is worth using this knowledge properly.

Who will deliver sports prizes to the competition?

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