10 minutes of gameplay Half-Life: Alyx
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    • 10 minutes of gameplay Half-Life: Alyx

    10 minutes of gameplay Half-Life: Alyx

    10 minutes of gameplay Half-Life: Alyx

    Before the release of Half-Life: Alyx stayed just three weeks. To further drum up interest for the game, Valve just released the first full gameplay footage to enjoy it more than 10 minutes.


    The first and longest of these videos appears to show Alix at the train station. The player sneaks through the wreckage, taking down headcrabs and monsters. Items are delivered to the player flick of the wrist new gravity gloves.



    What’s really impressive is the demonstrated physics. When Alyx opens the door of the locker, falling objects, as if they were there all the time. To avoid observation, Alix covers for bucket camera. Also worth noting is the weapons bench, which allows players to add modifications to the gun. The updates are then used in a rather grueling battle. Medical station, meanwhile, Alix returns full force with a series of injections.



    The following video change style, showing some of the puzzles faced by Alix, and some pretty incredible scenery, promising the situation, the likes of which are rare in VR. It is noteworthy that this video uses smooth movement, and in the first — teleportation.



    Finally, the last video includes the shootout at the construction site with the use of game mechanics. Alix takes the fight with the Combine, opening car doors for cover, hiding in the gate (and finding some useful items).


    Half-Life: Alyx will appear on VR headsets PC via SteamVR March 23. If you have a headset, Valve Index, you will receive a copy of the game for free.





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