10 Advantages of online conferencing

1.    Coverage
This is perhaps the most obvious advantage of organizing events in the virtual world. We can actually get to… an infinitely large number of people. We are limited only by the processing power of servers, but there is a way! We can do several editions of the same event. Online events also make it easy to invite people from all over the world. With speakers from different continents, it is enough to match the hours of their speeches.

2.    Contents
Well-planned content materials for the conference, such as videos and presentations, combined with the registration and post-production of all lectures, provide a huge amount of content. Such materials can be used for further distribution in the VOD system, for communication with partners and participants, for any marketing channels. The online conference is a real treasure trove of practically ready-made content! What is worth taking care of first? The edited video material should be supplemented with subtitles, and the speakers ‘ speeches should be written down and edited so that they can be used in further publications. You can easily turn a separate audio track into a podcast.

3.    Eco
Ecology and online have a lot in common. A traditional conference with its commuters, rooms equipped with technical equipment, coffee breaks, cookies, lunches and dinners is a very heavy burden on the environment. The carbon footprint of such a conference for 200 people is about 4700 kg of CO2, and its exact online equivalent is 650 kg of CO2. Awareness of CO2 emissions is no longer the prerogative of the environmentally sensitive; the European Union has set targets for all of us to achieve by 2030, including a 55% reduction in CO2 emissions. Online, with the reduction of transport, catering or waste almost to zero, achieving zero emissions of the project is much easier.

4.    Availability
Caring for inclusiveness is not only an obligation under the law, but simply an expression of concern for people who find life more difficult. People with disabilities, but also older people, those who are less mobile, or those with limited communication skills, may experience exclusion from traditional events. Online conferences allow people to participate in events for whom there are many barriers that are difficult to overcome in the traditional space. In online these obstacles are much less. All transport or access to the conference is eliminated, which also means accessibility for people from smaller, sometimes very remote localities, often affected by the lack of communication. However, it is important to take care of aspects related to the proper presentation of the content, such as subtitles for video or sign language transcription.

5.    Taxation
The vast majority of events, especially in B2B (webinars, conferences), require prior registration of participants. Thus, organizers can collect data before they meet with the audience live. Let’s keep in mind that not all information is necessary for us, but … we can give optional fields and learn more about the preferences of users. We all remember about the newsletter and the GDPR. In addition, we have a set of information about how our guests behaved at the conference: when they came, when they left, what they were interested in and what bored them, which items of the program were the most popular, and from which the next edition can be abandoned. In short, online allows you to better know the participants, their preferences, and thus-to personalize the offer to their needs.

6.    Convenience
Participants appreciate that they can participate in the event when they want, from where they want, from a convenient device for them-just access to the internet. This translates into more interest and higher turnout. On the other hand, as an organizer, you can choose where you want to transfer knowledge-from home, from the company’s headquarters, or maybe from a professional studio? The freedom of transmission and reception affects the comfort and experience of both participants and organizers.

7.    Budget
Expensive? Cheap? It depends on the scale of the event, its duration and the number of ” wow ” elements. For the internet stream, it is worth preparing a lot of multimedia content: animation and music in order to attract the attention of the participant with unexpected elements. Compared to, for example, a 3-day fixed conference costs of a similar event in the online space will be much cheaper. On the other hand, with comparable budgets, online generates a much greater reach – we can fit 1000 people in one “room”

8.    Time
Time is money. It’s a cliché, but there’s a lot of truth in it. The time it takes to complete an online event is much shorter than a traditional event. And shorter preparation time is a very concrete saving of money. Sometimes a few days are enough to organize a webinar or a one-day conference.  Juxtaposing the time needed to prepare an online event and the traditional economy is on the side of the former.

9.    Flexibility
Online allows for a much more flexible response to changes just before or during implementation. We can imagine how much effort it would take to change locations for a stationary event. In online we can stream from anywhere. We reduce the risk of changes in the agenda, because we can record key speeches earlier. It is also easy to change the order of speeches or manage the publication of materials live. An extra 100 people at the conference?  In the traditional-unlikely to fit, the problem will be accommodation or catering. Welcome to online, please click on the link.

10.    Image
The wide reach of the online event is also reflected in the brand image. With the message we reach a larger audience. We promote and build speakers ‘ personal brands as experts, making both them and our brand more recognizable. It is much easier for us to reach experts from abroad.

The world of online conferencing gives you virtually limitless possibilities to take advantage of! Beyond the budget and imagination, limits in virtual space do not exist. If you are considering organizing an event online and need support fill out the form at we’ll help!

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