Hyper casual game development outsourcing

    Hyper casual game development outsourcing

    Hyper casual games have been gaining popularity lately due to user demand. Nowadays, the leading role in this segment belongs to large companies that have fabulous profits from the development of such applications. What is the secret of the success of such applications, what is hyper casual gaming and the peculiarities of hyper casual game development outsourcing, we are going to discuss in our article.

    What are the hyper casual games

    By hyper casual games we mean applications that are created for a wide range of clients. Such utilities don't have high requirements for gamers and don't require long training. Usually such games are based on the simplest actions acceptable in everyday life - pitching a

    tent or parking a car.

    At first glance they seem simple, but any hyper casual game developers will tell you that the creation of such an application has a number of difficulties:

    • understand the philosophy of games;
    • study the preferences of the target audience;
    • consider ways to attract users.

    Casual games, which aim to diversify leisure time, have a lot of differences from computer fun, which require a long immersion. So, casual vs. hyper-casual games differ in the following features:

    1. Simplicity of control. The application itself should not have any complexities, its management is carried out by scrolling or touching the screen. Consequently, the concept itself is also built on this basis, providing harmony in the interaction.
    2. Portrait orientation. It will allow you to control your character with one hand, which also benefits the project.
    3. Short levels. It takes 5 minutes to pass one level. In the levels themselves are fairly simple goals, so it is unlikely the user will have the desire to close the application. If we talk about the complexity of these games, it should not be high, because because of the overload of difficulties of the game people lose interest. But you should not make the levels too simple, then the player also refuses to play - each level the user must pass the second or third attempt.

    Hyper casual game development: The main stages

    The creation of hyper casual games is no different from the development of other projects in the game making sphere. But you have to work very hard to bring specific features to perfection. Do not think that if hyper casual games are simple, their development will not cause difficulties.

    It is interesting that these games usually work for a year and a half, but it all depends on the resources used and ambition. So, hyper casual game development involves the following stages:

    1. Concept. At this stage the team is working on the design of the project and discusses all the ideas that should be embodied in the game. After all the brainstorming, a special document containing the final compilation of all the ideas is created.
    2. Prototyping. In this step, a prototype is created on which the game techniques are honed. It is also used to test the main nuances, which became the basis of the
    3. application itself.
    4. Verticality of the cut. This is understood as a ready variant of the game with already created gameplay.
    5. Content development. After the main game techniques are processed, it is possible to create content with which the target audience will be attracted.
    6. Closed Beta. This step is testing the functionality of the project in front of a narrow circle of interested people in order to identify all the shortcomings of the project.
    7. Soft Launch. This variant is released as a finished open beta project for a wide range of users, but it should also be already monetized to make a profit.
    8. Release. Once the game is released, the success and profits of the finished project are analyzed. If everything works perfectly, the project is a success.

    A hyper casual game is considered successful only when the income from one player for the entire time exceeds the cost of attracting him to the gameplay. With such games, it is not difficult to do, because they have a very large audience, which is proven in the form of the best hyper casual games.


    Is it wise to outsource hyper casual game development?

    There are plenty of ways to develop hyper casual games. However, with hyper casual games development outsourcing you can avoid impressive costs. The main advantages of cooperation with our outsourcing company:

    1. Control over the process. All hyper casual game studios can be assured that the executor will always report on the development progress in any mode, even around the clock. Even the possibility to evaluate what has been done on the project is available.
    2. Team cohesion. Our company gives specific tasks to each person involved in the development process. Among our team there is mutual understanding, and due to high communication deadlines are almost never violated.
    3. Expertise. Our team disposes up-to-date hardware with the most modern software, which allows using the most effective solutions and avoiding a number of mistakes.
    4. Cost effectiveness. Applying to us, the client will be able to avoid huge costs, not only for development, but also for other services. Our company has long-standing effective legal support schemes with companies, specializing in computer games publishing.

    Contact us and you will get a full range of services related to hyper casual game development. Our services are affordable even for beginners but nevertheless, they do not lose quality.



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