High-Speed Racing

    In RaceWar, racing is not just about being the fastest—it's about surviving and dominating amidst the chaos. Players engage in races across a plethora of visually stunning and technically demanding tracks. These tracks are designed to challenge reflexes, control, and adaptability, offering an array of terrains, obstacles, and hazards. To win in RaceWar, you must master the art of precision driving, anticipate challenges, and execute maneuvers flawlessly.

    An Immersive World

    The game's immersive world, rendered with stunning graphics and attention to detail, amplifies the intensity of every race and skirmish. Whether you're navigating through a neon-lit urban labyrinth or tearing across a treacherous desert landscape, RaceWar's visuals draw you into a world of heart-pounding excitement.


    Strategic Complexity

    At its essence, RaceWar is not just about speed and reflexes; it's a cerebral challenge. The game introduces players to an arsenal of strategically diverse weaponry, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. This intricate balance of arms invites players to strategize meticulously, selecting the right weapon at the right time to gain a competitive edge. The tactical layer extends to vehicle choices, with each offering unique attributes that can either give you an advantage or leave you vulnerable in the heat of battle.



    • 2 game developers + lead
    • 2 QA + lead
    • 2 backend developers 
    • 1 UI/UX designer
    • 1 tech artist
    • 2 3d modelers/animators + lead


    • Unity3d
    • C#
    • Photon engine
    • Node.js
    • Javascript
    • MongoDB


    2 months to MVP

    5.5 months total project length


    The challenge at hand entails creating a gaming environment that seamlessly combines the elements of strategic shooting and intense racing, offering players a well-balanced and dynamic experience. This necessitates the development of a sophisticated system that incorporates a diverse array of strategically designed weaponry, each with its own distinct attributes and limitations.


    To address this intricate challenge, we utilize a robust technological framework. Unity3D serves as the foundational game engine, providing a versatile and efficient platform for game development. C#, a powerful and widely used programming language, enables the creation of complex gameplay mechanics and interactivity. The Photon engine is leveraged to facilitate real-time multiplayer functionality, ensuring synchronized and seamless gaming experiences. In addition, Node.js and JavaScript enhance server-side operations and interactivity, while MongoDB, a NoSQL database, efficiently manages and stores extensive gaming data, supporting a scalable and high-performance gaming environment.



    The result of this endeavor is a finely-tuned gaming environment where strategic shooting and intense racing seamlessly coexist. Players experience a highly immersive and dynamically balanced gameplay. The diverse weaponry and intricacies of vehicle attributes provide a strategic depth that demands meticulous planning and execution. -pumping adventure that keeps them engaged and thrilled throughout their gaming journey.



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    2187 SW 1st St, Miami, FL 33135, USA