Face Revealed Computer Vision

    Face Revealed Computer Vision


    Product overview: FaceRevealed is a modern virtual reality and computer vision-based image recognition app, which lets users recognize the faces of real people, including celebrities. Plus, you can add any real person that you know.

    The customer wanted an app that could be used in multiple industries:

    • As an entertainment option (if you wish to know more about a celebrity)

    • As a marketing feedback option (to scan people's faces to determine their true emotions toward a product or service)

    • As a secure biometric authentication (to access smartphones, cars, and other vital assets).

    Issues: We needed to implement the facial recognition option within domain-specific models. We needed to make the facial recognition technology work even in low-light conditions. Plus, we had to include the ability to add any person to the database, and once added, the app should be able to recognize that person in all images where they are present.

    Technologies usedcomputer vision image recognition

    Result: FaceRevealed works well in all three functional areas:

    • It recognizes 500,000+ celebrities from fashion and entertainment, business, politics, and sports and gives general information about the person, such as name, race, age, profession, and hobbies.

    • It is used in a marketing feedback capacity by several companies to gain insight into customer satisfaction.

    • It has become a form of secure biometric authentication for several online stores.



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