AR Automotive

    AR Automotive

    Brand Selection and Model Customization

    The application allows users to select their preferred car brand or model from a comprehensive catalog of available options. Upon selection, users gain access to an array of customization features that cater to various aspects of the vehicle, such as exterior design, interior styling, color options, accessories, and additional features unique to the chosen brand or model.

    Extensive Customization Options

    Users are presented with a multitude of customization possibilities, including but not limited to altering body colors, modifying exterior elements (such as spoilers, rims, and decals), experimenting with interior upholstery, adjusting lighting configurations, and exploring accessory options. The application provides a vast selection of components and details for users to modify, ensuring a high degree of flexibility and personalization.

    Revolutionizing Automotive Experiences with AR Technology

    Real-time Rendering and High-fidelity Visuals

    Our application employs real-time rendering techniques that deliver high-fidelity visual representations of customized car configurations. Advanced shaders, lighting effects, and texture mapping contribute to creating a realistic and visually captivating environment, showcasing the modified car in great detail and accuracy.

    Interactive Design Tools and User Experience

    The application features interactive design tools that enable users to seamlessly apply and preview different styling solutions onto the chosen car model. Intuitive controls and user-friendly interfaces empower users to experiment with design elements, fostering an engaging and accessible user experience.


    Virtual Try-On and Visualization

    Through VR technology, users can virtually "try on" various customization options in a realistic simulated environment. This feature allows users to visualize their chosen modifications as if inspecting a physical vehicle, providing a compelling experience of their personalized car design.

    Detailed Specifications and Information

    The application presents users with detailed specifications and information regarding the selected car models and customization options. This includes technical details, performance metrics, and information about available features and upgrades, aiding users in making informed decisions about their desired configurations.

    Revolutionizing Automotive Experiences with AR Technology

    Real-time Remote Support

    The application creates a space where several users can engage simultaneously. This inclusiveness extends to situations where a user encounters technical problems or needs professional advice while using the virtual automotive environment. In these instances, a qualified mechanic entering the VR space promptly helps resolve issues and offer expert guidance, improving the user's experience.

    Revolutionizing Automotive Experiences with AR Technology


    • UE5
    • SteamVR SDK 
    • OculusVR SDK 
    • C++


    • 1 game developer
    • 1 QA 
    • 1 UI/UX designer (AR/VR focused)
    • 1 tech artist (AR/VR expertise)
    • 3 3d modelers/animators + lead


    • 2 months of development


    Current methods for car customization lack exciting experiences and real-time visualization, limiting users' ability to personalize and visualize their ideal car configurations.


    Utilizing advanced VR technologies, such as UE5, SteamVR SDK, OculusVR SDK, and C++, we've developed an interactive VR automotive application. This platform provides users with a highly customizable experience for designing and styling cars in real time.


    Our VR automotive application offers an extensive catalog of car brands and models, allowing users to select and personalize their preferred vehicles. With a comprehensive suite of customization options, including body colors, exterior elements, interior upholstery, lighting configurations, and accessories, users have unparalleled flexibility to modify their chosen cars. Real-time rendering techniques, powered by advanced shaders and lighting effects, ensure high-fidelity visual representations of the customized vehicles. Through intuitive interactive design tools, users can seamlessly experiment with different styling solutions, fostering an engaging user experience. The application enables users to virtually "try on" various modifications in a realistic environment, providing an exciting visualization of their personalized car design. Detailed specifications and information about the selected car models and customization options empower users to make well-informed decisions about their desired configurations.



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