AI Tracking and Detection

    AI Tracking and Detection

    Object Tracking

    Our applications excel in real-time object tracking, accurately monitoring the movement of entities across different scenarios. Utilizing state-of-the-art object detection algorithms, our AI system can track multiple objects simultaneously, with high precision and efficiency. This technology finds practical applications in security, logistics, and traffic management.

    Facial Recognition

    We have implemented advanced facial recognition algorithms that can identify and authenticate individuals with an unparalleled level of accuracy. Our system can discern between known and unknown individuals, making it invaluable for access control, public safety, and personalized customer experiences.

    Precision Unleashed: ServReality's AI Tracking and Detection Solutions

    Anomaly Detection

    Our AI applications are equipped with sophisticated anomaly detection capabilities. By analyzing large datasets, our system can detect unusual patterns or deviations from expected behavior. This feature is pivotal in surveillance, where it can alert operators to potential security breaches or equipment malfunctions.

    Behavior Analysis

    We offer behavioral analysis tools that assess and predict human actions based on movement patterns and context. This technology can be applied in retail to optimize store layouts, in healthcare to monitor patient well-being, and in urban planning to improve traffic flow.

    Precision Unleashed: ServReality's AI Tracking and Detection Solutions

    Event Detection

    Our AI system can identify and classify various events, such as accidents, thefts, or fires, in real-time. By combining object tracking and anomaly detection, our applications are a valuable asset in enhancing safety and security.

    Scalability and Integration

    Our applications are designed with scalability in mind, capable of handling large volumes of data and adapting to various hardware and software configurations. They seamlessly integrate with existing surveillance systems and sensors, enhancing their capabilities.

    Precision Unleashed: ServReality's AI Tracking and Detection Solutions

    Data Privacy and Compliance

    We prioritize data privacy and compliance with regulations, implementing state-of-the-art encryption and anonymization techniques to protect sensitive information. Our applications are GDPR and HIPAA compliant, ensuring that user data remains secure.

    Machine Learning and Continuous Improvement

    Our AI tracking and detection applications leverage machine learning to continuously improve their performance. As more data is collected, the system's algorithms become more accurate and efficient, making it a future-proof solution for evolving needs.


    • 2 AI developers + lead
    • 1 PM 
    • 2 QA + lead


    • OpenCV
    • C++
    • Python
    • Tensorflow


    • 1 month for prototype
    • 3 months for full development


    The challenge at hand is to develop cutting-edge AI tracking and detection applications that transcend modern technology barriers. The objective is to leverage advancements in artificial intelligence, computer vision, and machine learning to enable real-time tracking, identification, and analysis of objects, individuals, and events across various domains including surveillance, security, and automation.


    To tackle this multifaceted challenge, a robust technology stack is employed. OpenCV, a powerful open-source computer vision library, serves as the foundation, providing an extensive set of tools and functionalities for image processing and object detection. C++ and Python programming languages are utilized for their efficiency and versatility in developing high-performance algorithms and models. TensorFlow, a leading machine learning framework, is harnessed to build and deploy deep learning models for advanced object detection, tracking, and anomaly detection.


    The outcome of this initiative is a suite of AI tracking and detection applications that stand at the forefront of technology innovation. These applications excel in real-time object tracking, utilizing cutting-edge object detection algorithms with high precision and efficiency. Advanced facial recognition capabilities enable unparalleled identification and authentication, finding crucial applications in access control and public safety. Equipped with sophisticated anomaly detection and behavior analysis tools, these applications offer invaluable insights for surveillance, security, retail optimization, healthcare monitoring, and urban planning. They possess event detection capabilities to identify and classify critical events in real-time, enhancing safety and security measures.



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