AI-Powered Virtual Makeup

    AI-Powered Virtual Makeup

    Unrivaled Realism in Real-Time

    This application harnesses the power of 3D AR technology to render hyper-realistic makeovers in real-time. It captures the intricacies of facial structure, lighting, and skin texture, ensuring that every makeup application is not only visually accurate but also aesthetically pleasing. Users witness their virtual makeover as if it were crafted by the hands of a professional makeup artist.

    Virtual Product Sampling with Precision

    One tap is all it takes to embark on a journey of virtual product sampling. The application seamlessly matches real-world cosmetic products to users' virtual makeovers, allowing for instant product try-outs. The color accuracy and variety of textures, ranging from matte to metallic, mirror the real-world counterparts with utmost precision.

    Elevate Beauty Tech: ServReality's AI

    Try Before You Buy with Confidence

    Incorporating real products into virtual makeovers empowers users to make informed decisions. They can explore a spectrum of cosmetic products, experiment with shades, and visualize how these selections harmonize with their unique features. It's not just a virtual makeover; it's a transformative tool that enhances the shopping experience, fostering confidence in product choices.

    A Multifaceted Beauty Experience

    This application is not just a cosmetics tool; it's a multifaceted beauty experience. It empowers users to experiment with makeup looks, discover new products, and visualize transformations with stunning realism. It transcends the limitations of traditional makeup trials, offering an interactive, informative, and visually captivating journey into the world of cosmetics.

    Elevate Beauty Tech: ServReality's AI


    • 2 AR developers + lead
    • 1 UI/UX designer 
    • 2 3D modelers 
    • 2 AI and ML experts
    • 1 PM 
    • 2 QA + lead


    • Flutter
    • OpenCV
    • C++
    • Dart
    • Tensorflow


    • 1.5 months for prototype
    • 6 months for full development


    The task at hand involves the development of a makeover application that utilizes groundbreaking 3D Augmented Reality (AR) face technology to provide users with an exceptional, hyper-realistic makeover experience in real-time. Furthermore, the application must seamlessly integrate real cosmetic products into virtual makeovers, empowering users to make informed choices, experiment with a variety of products, and visualize how these selections harmonize with their unique features. The ultimate goal is to create a transformative tool that enhances the shopping experience and instills confidence in product choices.


    To tackle this multifaceted challenge, a comprehensive technology stack is employed. Flutter serves as the core framework, offering a versatile and efficient platform for developing the makeover application. OpenCV, a powerful computer vision library, is harnessed to analyze and manipulate facial features and images with precision. C++, a robust and versatile programming language, facilitates the development of complex image processing and AR algorithms. Dart, as the primary language for Flutter, contributes to creating the application's user interface and logic. TensorFlow, a sophisticated deep learning framework, enhances the application's capabilities, particularly in recognizing and adapting to facial features and makeup products.


    The application leverages the power of 3D AR technology to render precise and visually accurate makeovers, capturing the intricacies of facial structure, lighting, and skin texture. Real cosmetic products are seamlessly integrated into virtual makeovers, enabling users to make well-informed decisions and experiment with various shades, fostering confidence in their product choices. This transformative tool enhances the shopping experience, elevating the level of customization and personalization for users, all achieved through the robust technological foundation comprising Flutter, OpenCV, C++, Dart, and TensorFlow.



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