Will virtual reality succeed?
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    Will virtual reality succeed?

    Virtual reality (VR) is currently the latest frontier in the world of entertainment, which is gradually entering all homes and beyond. Apart from the gaming sector, VR is successfully gaining a foothold in many other areas of human activity. In addition to this, applications that allow you to plunge into the digital virtual world are actively developing and there are more and more of them. For these reasons, it is possible to analyze the present and future of this technology and will virtual reality succeed? Even the skeptics are finding virtual reality to be a more compelling form of entertainment among the many games that are constantly being developed. Although there were initially fears about this technology, but there have been quite big steps in its development, which are more and more convinced of the popularity and success of VR. As for the term "virtual reality," it refers to simulation mode using similar interfaces or virtual reality viewers. One has heard of VR technology in television, movies, video games or various works, but for several years now, the line between reality and VR has become increasingly blurred. And the first VR viewers have long since entered the lives of many consumers around the world. In the beginning of its development, virtual reality was less popular for economic reasons, as the first VR viewers were quite expensive and their cost did not match the capabilities of many users, and the technology was little known. Once users began to understand the true potential of VR technology, it helped developers create a variety of headsets and devices to immerse themselves in virtual worlds. We are still only at the beginning of development as content creators strive to release an increasingly compelling product, and the successful future of virtual reality is not that far from today's present. More than fifty years ago, the American scientist Ivan Sutherland had the idea to engage all five of his senses while immersing the user in the center of everything happening on the screen. Thus, in 1968, the first VR-system with the viewer, although it was quite heavy and primitive in terms of user interface, but this topic has become an inspiration for many followers of virtual reality technology. The only thing we can say for sure is that virtual reality will always be interesting and successful in the film industry, for producers, screenwriters, directors, and anyone else who works in the audiovisual world. And there's no doubt that VR has found the most use in the entertainment industry. But the experience of immersion in virtual worlds is becoming increasingly exciting in other sectors as well. It is clear from this that the evolution of VR is becoming an increasingly tangible reality today. More and more software developers are developing virtual reality content. And it is likely that in decades to come, virtual worlds will be part of our everyday lives.



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