Where was virtual reality created?
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    Where was virtual reality created?

    How familiar are you with modern virtual reality technology? VR is a special technology that allows the user to interact with a fictional world. This other world can be based on a real environment or be completely digitally created so that everyone involved can feel like protagonists.  Thus, the user is immersed in this artificially created virtual world, which is designed and engineered by specialized developers. In this way, the user feels, perceives and experiences all scenes as if they were real. Where was virtual reality created? There is no doubt that virtual reality technology has become a real breakthrough in the field of multimedia products of all kinds: movies, video games, entertainment, concerts, sporting events, documentaries, and other types of leisure activities.  Over the years, various companies have tried virtual reality as an entertainment format. But it is now with new technology that there is an opportunity to get devices with which to provide a real sense of immersion and despite the fact that over the years has paved the way for this development.  If we talk about the origins of virtual reality, it is worth going back a few centuries, namely to 1844, when the stereoscope was created by a certain Charles Wheatstone. This medium consisted of two practically identical photographs, the only difference being the point of capture, so the brain sees a three-dimensional object and blends everything together. Such a technique could be a major feature of virtual reality, but even now similar techniques can be used.  Really worthwhile steps were taken in 1958, when a virtual reality system was developed by the Philco Corporation. It created an artificial environment that was accessed by a helmet that responded to head movements. Over the next few years, other more effective devices were developed, some of which were supported by NASA to create interactive environments and significantly improve visual contact.  As early as 1961, the first virtual reality headset was created by employees of the Philco Corporation. The very concept of VR-Virtual Reality became available to the public in 1965 with the help of Ivan Sutherland, who published an article The Ultimate Display, which explained the concept of how the technology worked. A few years later, he also developed the first program that was designed to create a virtual world with 3D images.  Nowadays, there are many companies that are betting on the development of virtual reality systems. As you can see, the transition of this technology, which was originally only used for education towards purely leisure use, has generated endless possibilities for the democratization of VR products through movies and especially video games and the use of glasses.



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