Where can I sell NFT Crypto?
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    Where can I sell NFT Crypto?

    Since 2021, NFT has become the most important and popular trend in the world of cryptocurrency. NFT - non-exchangeable tokens represent a revolutionary new art form that can span the globe. These unique cryptocurrency units cannot be reproduced, so exclusive digital objects can be worth millions of dollars. An NFT token can be owned in the form of any intangible or tangible object, as well as:
    • musical objects;
    • virtual objects in video games, such as avatars, virtual skins, currencies, weapons, and the like;
    • objects of works of art;
    • digital maps and other collectibles;
    • virtual landscapes;
    Tokens can also be real assets for real estate, for example, as well as any other goods that one wishes to own. NFT tokens are created as unique blocks in a platform chain chosen by the vendor, with a row containing the properties of the file. NFT can be anything possible to own in the digital space, even a tweet. In 2021, the most successful digital possession was a collection of artwork. Artists from anywhere in the world, using blockchain technology, can turn to art collectors and sell them in the most secure way possible.  Today's NFT marketplace is where NFT can be published, sold and bought. Therefore, it is possible to distinguish existing markets today, which offer the possibility of various transactions with NFT:
    • Foundation - the activity of the marketplace is to sell and buy digital art. 
    • SuperRare - here in the form of NFT on the market you can buy or sell unique types of art, which are protected by cryptography and blockchain technology. 
    • OpenSea - one of the most popular and sought-after markets today. Various types of tokens can be found here.
    • Decentraland - deals with the rights of digital artists and NFT creators, as it is considered the most secure.  
    • Rarible - quite popular market as it has no intermediaries and also offers its own crypto.
    • Mintable - this marketplace has the ability to generate cryptocurrency while selling various photo objects, music, art and more. 
    • MakersPlace - used by NFT market makers, with all sorts of tools to protect them. 
    • Axie Infinity - this game market allows users to fight and collect various animated creatures. 
    There are different marketplaces offering great opportunities, charging a small fee for it. To sell your NFTs, you will need to find them and select them from your collection, and click on the appropriate button. On the pricing page you have the opportunity to determine all the necessary terms of the deal.  Modern times are the most ideal time to participate in the NFT space, as there are a huge number of blockchains and the range of platforms is constantly growing and evolving. 



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