When will virtual reality become real?
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    • When will virtual reality become real?

    When will virtual reality become real?

    For decades, the concept of virtual reality was considered something out of the realm of science fiction. But nowadays we often hear about VR and know quite a lot about these technologies. So what is virtual reality really and what opportunities does it offer us, how is the perception of our virtual life changing? Modern VR technology involves a closer connection and interaction with gadgets, which is a real leap from traditional computing. It is used to directly penetrate and alter our sensory perception, capturing how the human brain processes information. Perhaps it's not just an optical illusion and a technological breakthrough.  Virtual reality is currently one of the hot topics in the technology industry, and therefore the most discussed. For today's video game developers, it has become a great opportunity for change, but also the technology of the virtual world has penetrated other industries.  Many companies are choosing to introduce and sell their services through the most popular gadget on the market, the smartphone. So why not bring the entire interaction process out through VR With the increasing technological advances with devices it is possible to interact indirectly or directly with mixed reality, combining the physical environment with virtually created elements. For example, the screen of our own smartphone displays the same street that we see, but a virtual route is added to it, allowing us to guide along the way, like a GPS. In short - virtual reality is already real. A person can take virtual identities to perform certain actions, to use some words far removed from everyday reality. Thus virtual reality becomes much closer than we expect and there is not always enough power to change in the real world, so a person is content with what he gets from VR. There are many possibilities in virtual reality, but we have only just begun to get acquainted with it and use it in life. Enhancing emotional perception, treating pain, restoring memory, strengthening certain areas of the brain, getting a concrete picture for surgeons or pilots - all of this is possible with VR technology. Having a virtual environment could be a real evolution in the way people perceive and process information. The availability of different kinds of applications, VR from educational to entertainment, allows us to open up a new world and make virtual reality real.



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