When did mobile app development start?
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    When did mobile app development start?

    With the growing popularity of devices such as tablets, smartphones, desktop PCs and others, app development is considered the most profitable means of creating software. Nowadays, application development consists of many procedures and processes, and coding of portable, wireless and computing devices is also done. With this combination, it is clear that this process is based on software development, which allows for built-in features for each individual device.  For mobile app development, developers rely on two popular platforms like Android and iOS. Since in order to create the best functional app to start with, it is worth determining the type of platform for which it will be developed, thereby adapting the development process. If we classify all applications by the technology used to code them, we can distinguish three types of applications:
    1. Native apps are developed specifically for a specific device platform, like IOS or Android. In this way, a special programming language will be used. The device platform will have access to its own coding language, which is chosen by the developers to create the application. This category could include various vocabulary applications or offline games for mobile devices. 
    2. Hybrid-type mobile apps are created using different technologies like HTML5 and JavaScript. Such web apps can use their own elements as well as web apps. Hybrid applications can be slower to function and are considered less productive because it is not possible to view the same application on different platforms, which can cause a variety of interface errors and design distortions. 
    3. Web apps are somewhat similar to native apps in that they will be accessible from a mobile device via a web browser. Such apps are not characterized by autonomy, as they will not be downloadable to the device. Rather, it is an adaptive website whose functionality involves adapting the user interface to the device being used. 
    Thanks to modern technology the development of mobile applications is greatly simplified, so it will be much easier to create a unique product with all the necessary tools. For the successful development of an application it is important to plan well the whole working process, and also take into account all the possible unforeseen problems that can arise in the process. Nowadays mobile application development can seem complicated and intimidating for anyone, but if the work is performed by qualified developers, who are confident in every stage, then you can have no doubt in the success of your application. 



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