What is NFT mean in gaming?
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    • What is NFT mean in gaming?

    What is NFT mean in gaming?

    Could we have imagined a few years ago that it would be possible to make a decent living playing a video game? And nowadays, it is possible to make money by playing. Such games related to digital assets and cryptocurrencies are known as NFT. This fairly new concept has brought many modern gamers millions, and some of them even profit regularly. NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are presented as unique digital assets. Literally, they are digital tokens or vouchers that have a unique key stored in a cryptocurrency blockchain. In turn, the blockchain provides a unique key to the digital file, and since this entire chain cannot be copied or hacked, the file becomes an NFT (deciphered as a non-interchangeable token).This may sound a bit confusing, but such tokens are not really new. Electronic money has long been actively used around the world and it has exactly the same value as physical banknotes, that is, it is just as valuable as an intangible commodity.NFTs in the digital world are unique assets, they cannot be bought or sold like any other type of property, but they themselves have no tangible form. With the help of blockchain technology it is possible to prove their authenticity and ownership of them. Unlike cryptocurrency, NFT is single, irreplaceable, it cannot be divided into parts. Over the past few years, NFT has become the most talked about technology behind which is the future of the world. These tokens have now moved into the world of NFT video games, which are completely changing the dynamics of conventional games. In the world of blockchain-based video games, it is possible to exchange various items, be it armor, weapons or collectibles, with other players while receiving monetary rewards. Previously, such elements in games were designed only to improve the experience, to enhance gameplay. For example, in a regular game, different skins are available to each user who pays for them, so they are not unique. Thanks to blockchain technology, it became possible to fix the authenticity of any item in a video game as one and unique. This has created a whole new stage, as there is an opportunity to sell unique items on the in-game market, move on and make a profit in the process of playing the game. NFT users have become active users of such games because they have the ability to do things that gamers didn't have access to before they came along - sell and buy items. That is why video games have become less of an artistic value than a virtual marketplace where real money can be invested to make high profits with the help of cryptocurrencies. Blockchain data cannot be altered or undone by third parties, as it is provided as a unique item that can be turned into assets, for which many are now willing to pay significant sums



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