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    During some years, Virtual reality violates the laws of the commercial trade due to the powerful platforms. VR is the type of the amusement that brings the immersive practice such as taking photos in another planet, being a participant of the sports game event, or making a horror movie and many others. There are many potential areas where the immersion is needed and VR can become the best assistant to achieve good results. The fields where the VR is required are the following:
    • Remote surgical operations
    • Coaching
    • Automobile repair
    • Military services
    After that, there appears the question “Can VR be appropriate for the info analysis system and visualization?” The answer is “Yes”. Virtual reality info visualizations are machine formed, highly-merged, three-dimensional schemes. The approach of the deeply engaging info inspection is perspective and open to provide more possibilities for progress. The VR imagination may show the variety of prototype admission and recollection. There a list of the most awesome VR info imageries that are relevant today.
    • Blue Whale Practice ‒ Fusion
    The sea inhabitant is the biggest animal on the Earth. Fusion team forms the program, where any observer can engage into the surrounding of the blue whale and find out the peculiarities of their conduct. That project allows users get the beauty of the underwater practice and take care of its condition.
    • Space Titans ‒ Oculus Rift
    The system is the prototype of the immersive expedition through the Solar system. The aim of this travel is to achieve the potential info about the Universe and the size and characteristics the planets and spatial object possess. The human awareness of the Universe data is essential for further improvement.
    • Google Chrome Investigations
    This VR concept may be applied by the smartphones and Google Chrome browser and Cardboard. Any expert or human can choose one picture and perform an amazing journey there. The chances are endless. Even the risky tours on the famous peaks of the planet bring the range of emotions.
    • Brexit ‒ Google Labs
    The UK vote to be a part of EU or to Brexit becomes the most crucial historical event in Europe at recent times. Google labs create the unique visual guide of the voting process in order to answer the most arguable issues. In conclusion, one should say that VR info visualizations appear any place. It is a huge and comfortable approach to develop and improve the human mind.



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