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    Useful AR tools in different spheres

    AR technology always provides excellent for improvement in different spheres of human impact.  AR has been introduced into the job search application to show vacancies in surrounding buildings, the American job search startup CareerBuilder has released a modified iOS version of the application, whose users can find out about vacancies in office buildings of interest by simply pointing their smartphone at them. Engadget told about the new product. In addition to employment opportunities, the application also shows salaries in companies that are located in a particular building. However, the new product will not work in all countries: except the United States, the startup is active in Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Sweden, India, Great Britain and Vietnam. In other regions, the number of available vacancies may not be sufficient for the application to bring at least some benefit. For example, a job search in Belarus did not yield results, and in neighboring Lithuania there is only one vacancy in the service's database. In addition to augmented reality, CareerBuilder has added the ability to create resumes based on artificial intelligence and automatically send them to promising companies. In the next updates, they promise to add even gamification with the ability to earn points for various actions in the application. The Android version of the application is promised to be presented to the public "in the coming months". The popular application for buying tickets, renting housing and cars Kayak has introduced an AR function that allows you to estimate the size of your luggage to find out its compliance with airline standards, writes TechCrunch. Users of the iOS app can measure the size of a suitcase or backpack by pointing the phone's camera at it. Thus, Kayak wants to save customers from problems with the discrepancy between the size of luggage and the requirements of airlines, which often differ markedly from each other. The tool uses the capabilities of Apple's ARKit platform. To begin with, the user is asked to scan the surface under the backpack to calibrate the measurements. Then you need to point the camera at the luggage itself, after which the application shows its length, latitude and height. The new function is also able to evaluate the requirements of various airlines and says whether a particular suitcase is suitable for them. Instead of a ruler. Google has introduced an AR-application for measuring distances Google has announced the release of an AR-application Measure, which is designed to measure real distances, writes The Next Web. The app works on any phone compatible with Google AR Core (previously, the development with the same name was available for Tango devices). This means that it will work on most relatively recent flagship devices. The principle of operation of Measure is quite simple: you need to let the phone evaluate the surrounding space, and then stretch a virtual ruler between the points, showing the distance that needs to be measured. According to the first estimates of users, the application is unsuitable for measurements in which absolute accuracy is important, but it is quite suitable for approximate calculations. At the recent presentation of iOS 12, Apple announced plans to release a similar application, but this will happen only in the fall of 2018.

    Facebook has created AR masks of "HP"characters for Portal

    Facebook has created AR masks for the Portal video calling tool from Facebook based on the play "HP and the Cursed Child"by J. K. Rowling. Now users can click on "Curtain Call" and choose three places to attend among the Portal effects: the great Hall of Hogwarts, the Ministry of Magic or the edge of the Forbidden Forest. Then any user will be reincarnated as one of the characters of the Harry Potter universe and will receive an exquisite magical words, which is assigned spontaneously. To activate the spell, you need to bow or say it. AR masks work on the basis of Spark AR technology from Facebook. "Callers can completely transform into figures thanks to a real skin selection that matches a 3D character with your unique skin tone, before changing it into an AR mask for seamless integration," the company wrote in a post. Now the function works for clients of the USA and the UK. Facebook Instagram and Facebook have also added AR masks to the storis of their applications for those who do not have a Portal. Earlier last autumn, the company informed about significant investments in AR and VR products. Now about 10 thousand people work in its Reality Labs department.



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