The excellent graphics and breathtaking gameplay characterize the modern games, making players spend hours admiring them. The development is usually a durable process that includes the maximum detailing of the game objects, writing the plot, and several testing stages to become sure in the absence of any flaws. Unity 3D development grows in popularity due to apparent opportunities to get efficient solutions quickly that will perfectly perform on the market. Unity is an environment for developing high-quality products that include various tools (editor, debugger, compiler, etc.) for maximum functionality. Due to the simplicity of use, the development becomes comfortable and allows the creation of games on various operating systems. So, let’s discover what peculiarities Unity has compared to other engines and how ServReality uses them.


Today, various games of different genres are created for each device and perform flawlessly. Small and significant studios prefer Unity 3D development due to the multiple advantages. And now, let’s describe the primary reasons for choosing such an engine.

Simple Interface The Unity editor has a simple Drag & Drop interface that is easy to customize and consists of various windows that allow the developers to debug your game in the editor. The engine supports several languages – C# and JavaScript in a standard version.

Perfect Physics Unity supports the rigid body and cloth physics and “Ragdoll type” physics. The editor has an object inheritance system – the new objects will remain in the same position, rotation, and scale as the previous one. It significantly simplifies the development and improves the functionality of the in-game elements.

“Level of Detail” Unity 3D game development is strengthened with the ”Level Of Detail” system. It means that less detailed ones replace highly detailed models far from the player. Moreover, the opposite method, “Occlusion culling,“ makes the objects not in the camera’s field not render their geometry and collisions. It reduces the load on the central processor and allows you to optimize the project.

Component System The critical advantage is Unity’s modular component system, which is used to construct game objects as the highly-functional packages. Unlike inheritance mechanisms, objects in Unity are created by combining functional blocks. This approach facilitates the creation of prototypes, which is essential in game development.


Our team for game projects consists of professionals that know what the customers want to get. We always aim at the highest quality and can characterize our work with the following features:

  • Wide range of specialists. The team is experienced in various industries, from technical and testing aspects to marketing and product promotion that guarantees a successful project’s launch.
  • Result-oriented approach. We consider all the primary requirements our customers set for the projects to provide the maximum suitable result having all the necessary functions.
  • Huge experience. We’ve been developing products for over 8 years that help us know all the obstacles that can appear during the development and find proper solutions for each.
  • Cutting-edge solutions. Our ideas are not limited to the typical games – we develop efficient AR/VR and AI-integrated solutions.
  • Mobile-friendly products. Mobile games are growing in popularity, so we can quickly determine a suitable development plan for your Apple or Android solution.

We use each advantage of Unity to get the maximum efficient result and satisfy our customers with attractive games.


The approach our Unity 3D development company uses consists of the following stages:

  • Discussion. We contact the customer to understand the requirements and the minor details of the future project.
  • Agreement. Here, we set up the deadlines and the report dates and confirm the price for the product.
  • Programming. Our technical specialists develop a highly efficient code that will be the basis of the game.
  • Interface creation. The designers implement their creativity and deep knowledge to develop a detailed design of the game environment and objects.
  • Implementation. We apply all the software solutions before starting the final procedures.
  • Testing and launch. The testers check the game for the absence of bugs and good work of each function and prepare it for release.

Such a systematic approach allows us to minimize the risks and create only efficient products with the highest performance.


1. Why is Unity 3D game development still popular?

The combination of the engine’s various tools and specific functions allows the creation of the games for different OS and has competitive and modern graphics even in 2022.

2. What popular games were developed with Unity?

Dead Trigger, 7 Days to Die, Firewatch, Rust, Hearthstone, and many other famous products were created with Unity.

3. What are the challenges of Unity 3D development?

The difficulties may be in the limitation of the visual editor when working with multi-component diagrams and the lack of support for external libraries. However, our specialists know how to overcome such obstacles.

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