Uncommon Artificial Intelligence Development Tools & Technologies That Can Make A Difference

Let’s review some of the artificial intelligence development tools:

  • Accord.NET Framework

This ML framework comes with solid image & audio processing libraries written in C#, not to mention scientific computing, signal & image processing plus several support libraries covering options like natural learning algorithms and real-time face detection. In short, it uses several AI elements, such as computer vision & audition, pattern recognition, and signal processing.

  • HPE Haven OnDemand

Being hosted on Microsoft Azure, this system offers over 70 different AI software APIs for enterprise app developers, not to mention speech and object recognition, face detection, image classification, and text analysis.

  • H2O. ai

Being a free ML solution, H2O.ai comes with numerous inbuilt advanced algorithms. The system, which was written in R,  Java, and Python, is equally great both for businesses and developers as it offers multiple advanced artificial technology tools used to analyze datasets and apply ML and predictive analytics.

Key Takeaways

When it comes to AI software development, there are both standard frameworks and APIs (TensorFlow, IBM Watson, Azure, and Google ML Kit with its five base APIs), and not so common development tools (H2O.ai, HPE Haven OnDemand, and Accord.NET).

Know any other artificial neural network programming tools to be added in this list? Please share them!

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