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    Is mobile app a software?

    A mobile application is a program that is designed to perform various tasks on tablets, phones, and other mobile devices. With their help, the user can perform a number of functions of a professional or entertainment nature.  The first applications became known about in the late 90s, but they were not the smartphone applications we are accustomed to today, but closer to their counterparts. The very first simple games were also considered applications, as they could perform quite simple functions compared to what we have today, but then it was a huge progress. The development of new smartphones and advances in technology have now allowed us to use useful and feature-rich devices. Mobile apps are programs that are specifically designed to be installed and used on a mobile device. They are designed to perform all kinds of operations in different areas, from communication and management to entertainment and education. In our modern world it is very convenient to have such a versatile functional gadget with you at all times.  Applications for mobile devices is a type of application software because it consists of various programs which will be added to the system of the device to perform various tasks by the user. Mobile applications should not be confused with applications designed for desktop computers.  What types of mobile applications are there? Depending on the specific functions and tasks, mobile applications can be classified into the following types:
    • Applications for communication. With the help of such programs, the user has the opportunity to communicate with other users using the Internet. This can be correspondence by means of messages, video calls, sending and receiving different files. 
    • Applications that allow you to manage the device. With these programs, the user has a better control over the resources of his device. Most often they are associated with the main memory, freeing up space on the device, and so on.
    • Entertainment applications allow the user to spend his leisure time using a variety of video games, music, music videos, books, and other. 
    • Educational applications help to acquire new knowledge using digital materials and also facilitate various classes. 
    • Design applications are used to create various graphic objects, images, allow to make processing and retouching of photos. 
    • Shopping apps make it easier for the user to get various goods or services and, if necessary, it is also possible to hire employees. 
    • Workout and health applications provide the user with a variety of programs for sports, based on his preferences. 
    • Social applications are presented in the form of social networks or other programs, where there is an opportunity to meet, communicate, hold various discussions. 
    Modern mobile applications gradually fill the labor, educational and entertainment sectors. No matter what type of applications you choose, they are all designed with the latest technology in mind, designed for your needs, and will always surprise you by performing a large number of different tasks. 



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