Is app development software engineering?
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    Is app development software engineering?

    Software engineering is a methodological discipline that studies various production methods, as well as all the basic tools for developing and measuring software quality. Nowadays, software engineering is able to solve many complex problems, such as the study of the software development process, the development of various tools for software production, etc. This field makes it possible to study the processes of software creation, its development methods, the various designations that result in a quality product.  A large part of modern society uses computer systems, so it is impossible to perform many tasks and most human activities without the use of software. These sectors typically include banking and insurance systems, e-commerce, transportation systems and the healthcare sector. It is therefore essential that software systems run smoothly and seamlessly, avoiding serious errors. This is where high-value, high-reliability systems are most required.  Software reliability is about ensuring that the system is able to prevent service failures from occurring. Software consists of a series of specific actions that instruct the device to perform tasks. Software development shows a domain that consists of creating, designing, distributing and maintaining software. The use of software by modern businesses helps to achieve specific goals as quickly as possible through the use of code and programming languages.  Today, the development of such programs consists of many steps, which are necessary for the implementation of a single process. First, information is collected that enables different types of hardware, be it a tablet, smartphone or desktop computer, to perform specific actions. Using algorithms, the information reaches the computer and determines what it should do to solve the problem.  Software development consists of:
    • idea analysis;
    • technical design;
    • programming using code;
    • the testing phase and the correction of any errors that occur.
    For companies, there are many types of software that are developed individually. With experience, knowledge and skills, developers create the code that runs various programs, such as video games, mobile applications, text and graphics programs, control methods, operating systems, etc. To create any software, professionals are needed and they are found in our company, which offers effective methods for realizing your projects. 



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