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    Updated: Microsoft officially postponed the release of the online shooter Crackdown 3 to February 2019 to give developers the opportunity to complete the project qualitatively According to Kotaku, the developers postponed the release of the online shooter Crackdown 3 for the second time. Note that the third part of the series was announced back in 2014 at E3, and the game was originally going to be released in November 2017. Then the release date was postponed to the spring of 2018, but now we are talking about an unknown date in 2019. The development of the game for Windows and Xbox platforms is carried out by the studios Reagent Games and Sumo Digital, which do not have time to polish the game sufficiently in a given time. Accordingly, the publisher Microsoft preferred to give a little more time to the developers, rather than release a product of dubious quality, running into criticism of the players. Insiders note that while Microsoft is not going to close the project, which has invested so much time and effort. However, if the developers are unable to finalize the product within the specified time frame, it is unlikely that the publisher will go to another postponement of the release date. The official information on the game Crackdown 3 is expected to appear at E3 2018, which will begin next week. Updated: In the conditions when the leak spread across the network, Microsoft did not wait for the start of E3 2018 and officially announced the postponement of the release of Crackdown 3 to February 2019. Microsoft Wi-Fi service promises easy access to the Internet around the world on all popular platforms Microsoft is developing a new service called Microsoft Wi-Fi, the first details of which were "lit up" on the official website of the upcoming product today. Later, the target page dedicated to the upcoming Microsoft service was thoroughly cleaned, but the information managed to spread across the Network. It is reported that the site described a service that "provides trouble-free Internet access around the world" so that users can "keep productive on the go." A Microsoft representative confirmed to the VentureBeat resource the fact of the development of the Microsoft Wi-Fi service, which "will provide millions of people with Internet access." "We are looking forward to sharing new details with you," Microsoft said. Like most current Microsoft products, the Microsoft Wi-Fi app will be cross-platform. Before the page with the description of the service was deleted, the source managed to notice that the links to download the Microsoft Wi-Fi client application for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Windows Phone platforms. We even managed to save one illustration. As can be seen from the lower illustration, the essence of the service is to provide the user with constant access to the Internet, regardless of location. A special "interactive map" is likely to be used to display all available Wi-Fi access points nearby. Unfortunately, the service will not be available to everyone. Initially, it was reported on the product's landing page that only "authorized" users would be able to download the application. However, it is planned to release separate versions for business and ordinary users. At the start, the Microsoft Wi-Fi service will be available only to existing Skype Wi-Fi subscribers (as part of the Microsoft Work & Play Bundle or Surface 2 + Skype WiFi Bundle package), employees of enterprises that have purchased the Microsoft Office 365 for a Business package, as well as consumers who have received a special offer from Microsoft. Apparently, Microsoft Wi-Fi will be built on the model of Skype Wi – Fi-a service that allows you to access the Internet through public Wi-Fi access points around the world and pay for time on the network from your Skype account. At the same time, Microsoft Wi-Fi seems to be something more than a simple rebranding, since the software giant's new service is expected to be much larger and cover more than 10 million Wi-Fi access points in 130 countries around the world. For comparison, the Skype Wi-Fi service is available in more than 2 million hot spots around the world. Unfortunately, there are no more details about the Microsoft Wi-Fi service yet. Microsoft bought some game offices at once, they will be included in the advanced structure of The Initiative As part of the E3 exhibition, Microsoft Corporation spoke about the purchase of some game offices at once. With this step, she intends to strengthen the original game content coming out on the console market. So, the director of the Xbox direction, Phil Spencer, said that M has already got Ninja Theory, Playground Games, Undead Labs, Compulsion Games. With their help, the organization hopes to significantly strengthen the creation of games. The Playground Games studio, created in 2010, is the developer of the Forza racing series and has been an Xbox companion for a long time. Announcing the purchase of the studio, M/also informed about a new product in the Forza series-Forza Horizon 4. Ninja Theory has created projects such as Hellblade, and Undead Labs has formed the set of State of Decay. Compulsion Games handles a brand new project We Happy Few, which is planned to be updated this year. All the acquired studios will become an element of the Microsoft Studios brand and will be a detail of a new structural division called The Initiative, run by former Crystal Dynamics CEO Darrell Gallahar. Within Microsoft Studios, there are already separate studios, for example, engaged in the creation of Halo, and the team of the Minecraft project, purchased in 2014. Microsoft says that Edge is now" the fastest browser for Windows 10 " Microsoft claims to be the leader in speed among desktop browsers, despite today's release of Google Chrome 91. "Microsoft Edge will become the fastest browser for Windows 10 with the release of Microsoft Edge 91 this week. You may ask, what are the grounds for this statement? The answer is simple: Startup Boost and Sleeping Tabs". from the official statement of the Microsoft Edge development group Recall that Microsoft added a feature in the March release of Edge 89, claiming an increase of up to 41% in browser capability. The Sleeping Tabs feature also appeared in Edge this year. This is a mechanism for efficient allocation of structure resources — if necessary, it automatically unloads inactive tabs from memory and redirects resources to active tabs that the user deals with at a particular moment. And recently, the developers have started testing a new performance mode with a different principle of operation of "sleeping" tabs. Microsoft Edge has a trial with a new performance mode with a different principle of operation of "sleeping" tabs It is noteworthy that against the background of increased competition from Microsoft, Google has also revived — for the last half a year, Chrome developers have been actively working to advance performance and more efficient energy consumption in the Chrome browser. And only in March, Google announced a reduction in the cycle of preparing new Chrome releases from six to four weeks, as Microsoft immediately also moved Edge to a four-week update plan. Microsoft has separately emphasized its contribution to the development of the Chromium project — to date, the company has made 5,300 commits. Actually, not so long ago, Google Chrome borrowed a piece of Microsoft Edge — an improved memory allocation mechanism Segment Heap. In addition, being competitors, Google and Microsoft are actively cooperating on the Chromium project. Last week, Microsoft claims the exact date of the final termination of support for Internet Explorer — June 15, 2022. Microsoft will finally "kill" Internet Explorer next summer — support for IE 11 in Windows 10 will stop on June 15



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