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    How to use VR technologies in event industry

    Despite VR is enough fresh hi-tech, people can observe impressive applying in different spheres. VR is well-known in the area of gambling and entertainment. In spite of that fact, such fields as traveling, studying and real estate start to implement VR in the development. One more sphere in which VR becomes relevant is the event industry.

    The benefits of VR for the event

    The term event covers wide kinds of services – meetings, presentations, forums, market productions. They are almost identical in inviting a crowd of people to the one selected real or virtual zone. VR may form a real event more entertaining and memorable. The advantages are the following:

    • More audience involvement

    A show VR organizes a practice that the public will keep in mind for a while. By engaging the participants of the event in the VR surrounding with the focal point on the targeted output or a set of services, the company representatives will get the best involvement impact. VR stimulates all human senses.

    • Overwhelming PR (advertising)

    A fully - generated VR product, which is a part of an event performance, becomes a hot subject matter for discussion. The guests of the event surely share their experience with the close circle of people, and colleagues and simultaneously provide free PR for the product.

    • The growth of sales

    VR makes the unique practice of the output, thus encouraging the clients’ spirit. After practicing the VR product, the visitors want to have it for their own.

    Planning VR for events

    VR takes a position of the special-occasion experience. It has some barriers to wide maintenance and uses because of cost and specific incapability of the tools required for VR. But there are some solutions for event organizers to apply VR equipment and they are available for rent and temporary use.

    They are:

    • VR Kiosks

    The kiosk is the budget option for the companies, who don’t have enough finances and place for large-scale presentations. The monitor shows everything the player sees and performs. They fit perfectly for market shows and installation of VR stations.

    • VR booth

    This virtual booth makes the audience to turn heads and immerse into an unreal world. The monitors on the sides can demonstrate people what the players observe. The experts may add the colors, logos, and brands to it to demonstrate thoroughly the product.

    • VR headsets

    Headsets are good tools for small spaces. Any kind of VR experience may be set up on them and attracts the audience’s attention.

    • Google Cardboard

    Google Cardboard is a cardboard equipment available for the majority of smartphones. The cost is less than 10 $. For the event, the customer needs VR hardware and content. The type of hardware depends on the level of immersion. The fully immersive surrounding may be reached by the specialized hardware as Samsung Gear VR, Sony PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive. Lower budget variants also include smartphones. VR content is commonly computer-formed, but some organizations apply 360-degree cameras to generate entertaining content from reality. For smartphones Apple, some sets of tools are provided for VR content. For PC and laptops, VR game engines provide the instruments for VR apps.

    Applications of VR for the event industry

    Let’s observe the VR implementation cases:

    • Place selection

    The benefit of VR may be practiced not only by the visitors but the event coordinators. The place choice is one of the principal subject of the presentation plan. Normally, the organizers have to attend spaces physically to persuade that the location is ready for the company’s event performance. Virtual tour can completely satisfy the customer’s needs and requirements. There is no requirement to waste money and time on meaningless trips.

    • Event rendering

    By rendering the company planners can rebuild the event as it happens in the real world. All mistakes may be found immediately. One can find out the complete process and stages of its development.

    • Product demo

    The product presentation with VR looks easier for the event promoters because they don’t have to worry about the place of the meeting and the output keeping in the limited area. Surely, for product demos, the companies should provide investments for the advanced VR app and instruments.

    • Virtual visit

    The VR app is rather simple – allowing the people to be present at events without the necessity of coming physically. The function helps to keep the high level of attendance despite unexpected circumstances such as urgent assignments, absence of tickets, flight costs, visa issues.

    • VR tours

    The virtual tours may also as product presentations widen the event area by giving the locations of any size. One can virtually stroll the hotel if it is a touristic purpose to know what country to go on vacation. As for the real estate sphere, the clients may observe any peculiarity of the house, apartment or lands.

    • Applicant recruitment

    One specific application of VR is to create VR practice for work candidates. By applying the headsets, the applicant may immerse in the working atmosphere of the vacancy they want to be hired for. Their actual workplace may stimulate them to be a member of the company.

    • VR training

    VR hi-tech serves as a good training platform. Although the actions in the unreal world don’t have any consequences, the simulation seems real for the clients. Users have a chance to be more confident and influential in actions but can change the direction. It is essential in such spheres as medicine, healthcare, where any action should be thoroughly considered.

    The checklist to carry out a perfect event

    • The headsets should be not directed to the blank wall.
    • The users have to avoid single bright spotlights to prevent additional shadows and glare.
    • One must avoid flashes and changing lights
    • Shadows from a single projection may puzzle the device.
    • The visitors should have some space to experience
    • The material and info checking
    • Moving objects and surfaces can confuse the system and cause problems.



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