How has virtual reality changed society?
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    • How has virtual reality changed society?

    How has virtual reality changed society?

    The idea of virtual reality has been around for decades, but only now is its development yielding significant results. And the fact is that there is more and more opportunity to enjoy this type of experience, which transports us to other dimensions outside our body while we are in the same place. Are you curious to know in what areas virtual reality is evolving and how has virtual reality changed society? Virtual reality is actively used in today's world and is no longer just for gamers. Virtual reality is a much more attractive and sometimes necessary tool than just games. Although most of the uses of virtual reality are focused on entertainment, there are many other applications as well. For example, virtual reality can also help with physical pain through distraction therapy. There are various techniques that allow you to be transported to another reality and take your mind off the discomfort and physical pain experienced when undergoing certain medical procedures. Virtual reality has also begun to be used in the healthcare sector, where surgeons can perform complex operations and medical procedures on 3D bodies created from scanned human models. One of the most surprising applications of virtual reality in the medical field has been related to "phantom limb pain." Patients who have suffered limb amputations may suffer from existing pain in the area of the missing body part. This may change if patients can see their lost limb through virtual reality. As far as the entertainment industry is concerned, virtual reality has made it possible to communicate with gamers on the other side of the screen, who feel as if they are in the same room. This fact, which seemed to be the future, has already become our present, since there are many virtual reality games for Android or iPhone cell phones, in which to play we only have to download the application and buy virtual reality glasses, the cost of which is becoming more and more affordable. We can say that the success of this type of entertainment product is that more and more companies are paying attention to the development of games based on virtual reality.  Virtual reality is also proving to be very useful in the field of learning. Virtual reality glasses have become the most exciting tool in the learning process, thanks to their didactic qualities. Therefore, we can safely say that virtual reality is quite an interesting and sometimes indispensable experience in today's world. 



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