How does someone sell an NFT?
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    How does someone sell an NFT?

    The world of cryptography is quite fascinating, and therefore many people are interested in it, even those who have never been involved in the digital world before. Buying and selling NFTs is becoming the most common activity on the crypto market. And almost every day you can hear about sales of new NFT, the cost of which reaches quite high figures. What can this sector hide and how to have access to it?

    Currently, the most interested in the sale of NFT to make money. Various factors will affect the value of a unique token, regardless of which platform the creator uses. Before learning how to sell a created NFT, it is interesting to understand the term. NFT is represented as a digital token that cannot be copied or modified, as each token is exclusive and unique. NFT tokens usually represent only one object, which can be anything, either a physical or virtual resource. Most often it is digital art, paintings, videos, music or other files. The user who is the creator of the NFT has the ability to decide at what value to sell it for the right to resell and the creator's royalty, taking into account additional terms of sale. All of this data is recorded in the blockchain. If someone wishes to purchase an NFT, then they can negotiate with the creator in person or use a marketplace platform for this process. When selling an NFT, each platform automates the process as much as possible, taking into account the conditions that have been set by the creator, such as the price of the object or the purchase reserve. In order to buy NFTs, you must first choose the market where you are going to buy the tokens. In order to connect and to buy NFT it is necessary to decide what kind of purse you need to download, what cryptocurrency to fill it up to make the purchase and whether it is possible to sell these bought NFT after some time. Accordingly, some NFTs can only be purchased on certain platforms. Therefore, once the sale or purchase of an NFT is made, the blockchain records all the details of the change of ownership. Most buyers of NFTs are collectors or speculators who want to sell tokens as high as possible and make good money. Not having the proper level of knowledge with a poor study of technical operations, there is a possibility to run into risks. After all, every interaction with blockchain will have its own costs. This is a great time to get involved in the digital space, as there are many blockchains competing to produce better services, so it's possible to create, buy and sell your own unique tokens. 



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