Dedicated Team

    Dedicated Team

    What is a dedicated development team

    A dedicated development team is a partnership form broadly applied in the program formation for specifically remote deals with customers. Understandable and productive, this type is valuable for all kinds of firms. A dedicated team is an alliance type with the hired developers, where both sides cooperate together for a long time.

    Where is the team model applied

    This is one of the most effective ways of interconnection, which contains obvious claims (fixed cost, time handling, quality). If you engage to deal with a dedicated team, you get a number of masters chosen specifically for your program targets. These experts take part in the process as your representatives and perform all given demands. However, unlike creators, you don't care about organizational and social issues, tax, and HR questions. In this connection, the client can aim their attention 100 % on business goals and while the creation colleagues are to do the rest of the important things. To conclude, a devoted team type provides the customer with a minutely chosen expert team that is directed on forming one exact idea. Having a dedicated team also contributes to payment reduction. The price method of such a kind of team is the following: since having a group of competent creators, each expert works during a fixed set of working periods and the client must compensate them. No additional charges are needed. The dedicated team prototype is right for complicated deep-rooted deals, which may be improved in perspective. When the concept isn't ambitious in the output industry and demands bettering, a dedicated development team is an accurate fix for the issue. The foundation's projects with uncertain demands and continuing deals also require assistance from professionals.

    Benefits of our dedicated team

    A dedicated development team may cover such masters as
    • front-/ back-end developers
    • complete stack engineers
    • UI, UX designers
    • Product, project managers
    • Business analysts
    • DevOps
    The benefits of our dedicated development team are:
    • Price - effectiveness
    • Absolute concentration on the plan
    • A team is flexible, ruled by the customer
    • Close teamwork among experts and customers.

    Project-based Cooperation

    The full focus on the client strategy is the main benefit of the dedicated team type. It helps to operate the team while creating the output. Another advantage of the devoted group of professionals is a chance to maintain the formation of the development team. This kind of partnership creates a stable atmosphere around the deal where every goal planned will be performed successfully.

    Constant Support

    Our Servreality team guarantees the immediate assistance of the product and client during the partnership and even after the agreement is over. Any question or requirement will be researched, answered, and taken into account.

    Cost Compression

    Selecting a dedicated team type is financially acceptable. This type of interconnection helps to save 10% of the budget.

    Transparent Management

    Servreality has a wide background of working with customers by a dedicated creation team assignment. About 50% of the programs our company begins are connected with a devoted team prototype. Our plan to begin with a new dedicated team deal covers
    • deal assessment
    • expert option
    • main meeting (call including discussions of all details)
    • meeting about the solutions of the upcoming project
    • meeting to start a collaboration
    Deal assessment. At this stage, we determine how many goals are planned to be performed and how many experts are required to be related to. For that, market accountants discuss with the clients the specifics, their demands, desires. Based on that info, the experts make the plan of the program and check its volume. Expert selection. In this period we gather a team of gifted experts to control your project. Such criteria of choice are applied
    • Effectiveness
    • Value
    • Service
    • Practice
    • Competence
    • Inspiration, mind condition.
    In the main meeting, we find out the goals, achievements, and preferences for the client. In the second meeting, we suggest the prepared resolution for the precise project, the chosen experts, format, periods, budget, and so on. In the third meeting, we started the cooperation namely to meet the experts and to prepare all required development tools.

    How to choose your dedicated team

    It takes time to hire the ideal team and arrange their work procedure. When the hiring period begins the client should always participate in the order processing to avoid delays and wrong interpretations. There can be some obstacles in the organizational issues but the clients’ project supervisors can regulate them quickly. The client may choose the experts by their practice, talents, and personal preferences, and on the advice of the project supervisors. The job regulations of the team that Servreality suggests to a client include:
    1. The investigation and formation team focuses on only the client’s issue.
    2. The duration of the project should be a minimum of 6 months.
    3. The deal is arranged by the customer. 

    Recruit dedicated team of developers now

    We assure you that our service will stimulate your business to flourish. We are the providers of high-qualified teams. Our Servreality company is a good platform for many experts to have practices in their professional skills.

    Why your choice must be Servreality?

    We can:
    • boost your creation power with high-quality product production, skilled masters and good practice
    • give you a chance to hire our senior engineers with advanced skills and good background for our deal. Our masters don’t just perform the tasks, they have a plan to make a high-quality product according to the fixed deadlines.
    • help you to spend less time on headhunting. Servreality provides you with our experts, who can manage your idea within 7 days.
    • help you to keep the budget. The working hours of our engineers are not so high in comparison with prices in the US and Europe.
    • give you a remote team of any size You can scale the number of development experts during the first month of the cooperation.
    • guarantee the dedication of our masters and their expertise. The experts direct specifically on your idea. They are finally aimed at the product quality, its success. We invest in involving only the first-class developers.



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