Could Artificial Intelligence Make Testing A Thing Of The Past?

Will AI programming Kill Software Testing?

Recent progress in machine learning and artificial intelligence programming showed huge errors and heavy dependence on training data. To solve diagnosing and fixing in programs, coders need abstraction and precision approaches. Plus, it’s crucial to implement scale and semantic interpretation along with conventional problem-solving approaches. But theoretically, can AI become absolutely perfect meaning that it would make testing and debugging useless?

Let’s try to figure that out. Here are the key considerations for a very dark future of the software engineering field:

  1. AI develops and becomes smarter each day. Someday it’s likely to become ideal as it would be possible to analyze and successfully predict everything.
  2. You can write an entire inbuilt code for AI software testing and you would not need to check as it would give the necessary results.
  3. We can develop General Intelligence which would replace humans as solution providers.
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