As a CIO, how would you prepare your company for the implementation of AI software development?

Artificial Intelligence Programming Implementation: Steps for A CIO

AI solutions help us work within the immersive digital realm, right? When it comes to the artificial neural network programming implementation, there are at least several crucial steps a good CIO (Chief Information Officer) should do to make their company ready for successful startup or technology switch. Can you name them?

So, when there’s a need to add artificial intelligence programming to the product, the main two steps a good CIO should do are:

  1. Do some research, collaborate with the technology leaders in the industry and work out the artificial technology implementation plan.  Plan a budget for the emerging technology disruption by the company and within the customers’ database, with the return on investment (ROI) in mind, of course. Understand the current technologies and tools being used within the company and determine the future array of tools and technologies structure. Consider the best transition plans. For instance, think about the AI-based features you can enrich your product. If you just want to market your product and features, consider implementing VR and AI marketing beforehand.
  2. Make sure you have the right TRL (Technological Readiness Level). That’s one of the most crucial things. A CIO should not only know the basics of technologies used, but clearly understand which technology stack requires which times and the approximately number of human resources.
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