Artificial Intelligence Research. Algorithms of Natural Language Generation

Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Generation

How to understand a dissimilarity between AI and NLG?  When people face a problem on a stage of technological research, they get back to original sources and realize an innovation necessity.

Any trending technologies should always be improved and updated. AI, in its simple meaning, is a reproduction of human intelligence by means of machines.

Natural Language Generation in comparison with AI is a process of a text production from computer information, when human, as a part of AI process, is closely interconnected with the machine.

There are some popular companies, who provide and develop NLG technologies: Attivio, Cambridge Semantics, Digital Reasoning, Automated Insights.

Algorithms of NGL

It must be noted that every NLG structure, as a product of AI, consists of 4 basic components:

  • information source
  • sociable goal
  • customer model
  • conversation model

The formula in the interconnection of all 4 components demonstrates a logical thought and it is the following: “You know an information source and you want to say a sociable goal to customer model, using the style of conversation model”. That reminds everyone of a creation of a composition in a high school, doesn’t it?

NLG structure includes only 3 main processes: information determination (based on the data and demands of customers), semantics & syntax building (a plan of sentences), and a base realization (final output).

The traditional algorithm of the NLG system is presented in figure 1:



A sequence of the components demonstrates an impossibility of whole working chain performance without any existing detail.

The algorithm of NLG structure as the search system has a different way of building. In this case, a developer has a special set of potential solutions, and the main task of the developer is to find the most appropriate solution.

The search system can be formed in 3 possible ways: grade climbing, a regular search, and a random search.

  • grade climbing ‒ to make randomly the point on the map. Think carefully about all steps and choose the best way.
  • regular search ‒ to explore all potential solutions and to find the optimal one.
  • random search ‒to provide some limitations and find the best solution based on the limitations.

The AI is a part of human achievements in reality. NLG is a branch of AI development. People should wisely practice everything they research, in particular, AI and NLG, and make proper conclusions.

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