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    Anonymity in VR

    Nowadays, people cannot imagine life without the web and the constant search in it. The obscurity is the primary factor of an internet exploration. Anonymity in social accounts In the web, every person looks differentially. A reason of a forward transformation is the appearance of the specific mask. The prototype or the account of the user doesn’t reflect sometimes the real person. On the space of the computer network, there are many brave and provocative people, who are not afraid of judgments. A specialized sort of the tie appears immediately. Anonymity in companies An issue of the anonymity is considered almost in all companies of the communication and the mass media. Facebook accepted the precise rules about the authentic signs for their services. Snapchat, Skype, Steam, Oculus, and Twitter use the same policies in order to protect users from trolling, bullying and harassment. VR and Anonymity The Virtual Reality is a sphere of entertainment and the experience, where every personality can become anyone they desire and don’t face any judgments. The question of the obscurity in VR is precisely linked with the trouble of the online humiliation and the domineering. But the permission of the anonymity provokes some negative consequences and create some complicated obstacles. In addition to this, some researchers point out that the online trolling exists because of the constant no-restrictions where the people cannot feel everything (the facial expressions, the sounds, the body movements) they see and the attackers never give up. Speaking about the harassment in VR, it is real and requires regular safety. That's why the function combat trolling is created to make people are not aware of that they are out of the real world. Another function is the addition of the power to the victims of trolling. Concluding the considerations above, one can say that the anonymity is a hard issue to determine and to find the accurate answer.  



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