How much does AR game development cost?
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    • How much does AR game development cost?

    How much does AR game development cost?

    Our VR company ServReality suggests to our clients the full set of services connected with AR app and game development.

    If the client is going to create a unique AR app for their business, one of their main concerns focuses on the cost of the project creation and their financial power. The easy answer to that question is "the universal AR cost does not exist. It can be from $1000 to $100k+ and more if the client requires the app with many features and specific AR fixes.

    Counting any project, the cost of AR solution will combine the number of working hours by the development specialists + their own hourly rates, + some additional expenses if something goes wrong. Software creation may have cost from $50 to $100+ per hour. In AR the cameras of the smartphones are generally used as tools to observe virtual things are overplaced on the reality. Majority of the modern AR solutions are performed as mobile AR apps.

    The price of the client's AR app depends on business goals and what hi-tech, talents and time the app needs to release the idea.

    The factors that have impact on the price of creation is

    • The type of the AR application
    • AR content formation
    • AR app way of creation
    • Software details

    Augmented Reality applications are popular with a lot of companies in various spheres of services such as marketing, Healthcare, retailing with understandable goals of improving their business and being on top of the market chain. Implementation of AR solutions always stimulates the bettering of the working cycle of business products. The services and products become more professional and effective thanks to AR hi-tech. It also helps to raise employee productivity.

    Augmented Reality gaming is the mixture of game visual effects and audio data with the user's surrounding zone in reality. Augmented Reality gaming applies the suggested zone and forms a special game area in it. Some ar software requires the special headsets. Users play AR games on such devices as smartphones, tablets and portable game systems.

    AR games are different from VR ones by the fact that AR builds game in the user’s actual surrounding, VR forms the product in the unreal area, Environment area development is a complicated assignment while game making. There is constantly a necessity to have a new location or scene, because the user doesn't want to stand still.

    Applying this unique technology, our augmented reality company ServReality helps enterprises and businesses reveal the high quality product in an interactive way and improve productivity in all possible spheres with effective AR instruments. We transform concepts into practical AR apps and create AR games, which can be run on all platforms. Our ar app development process consists of the following stages

    1. Investigation of all details of the deal
    2. Preparation of the first prototype (2 -4 weeks) and quick feedback
    3. Arrangement of visual & technical design and structure
    4. Actual development
    5. Deployment
    6. Final correction and improvement

    Our main goal is professionally to create augmented reality game for you and help business prosper thanks to our product.



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