Augmented reality outsourcing

    Augmented reality outsourcing

    Augmented reality is a specially designed environment that allows the physical world to be enriched with real-time digital data. Such interactive content can be studied using various devices with specific software or VR glasses.

    The range of applications of augmented reality technologies covers the following areas of activity:

    • video games and other entertainment;
    • e-commerce and retail;
    • electronics and equipment manufacturing;
    • training in public institutions;
    • medical sphere.

    AR technologies will be fruitful for business development and valuable for state institutions, as these solutions demonstrate an excellent customer experience. In addition, it will reduce the burden on the company's human resources.

    Benefits of augmented reality

    Nowadays, there is much talk about the benefits of AR content because such solutions are no longer considered to be in the realm of fiction. Now, it is a tool actively used in today's environment, providing invaluable assistance. The advantages of augmented reality include the following:

    1. Great interaction with the content. You can get more comprehensive information from a product presentation by involving augmented reality technology.
    2. Quality leisure. Fans of computer games will definitely find themselves in the sphere of AR solutions, as it will allow to plunge into the imaginary world and forget about routine, practically without leaving the cozy dwelling.
    3. Development of non-standard thinking. You often have to look for unusual moves to react instantly in games. On other projects, this skill is also necessary because non-standard solutions can often be the reason for the success of a certain product.

    Companies working with these technologies often have to turn to other firms to save money. AR is not an exception in this context. Developing augumented reality outsourcing is a great marketing move that our team provides.


    What are the advantages of outsourcing

    It is rather expensive for large and small companies to create separate IT departments in the staff capable of generating AR content. So then, it is worth relying on outsourcing as a tool to use advanced technologies to achieve a commercial goal.

    The main advantages of augumented reality outsourcing include:

    1. Cost reduction. Product development should be outsourced to optimize costs. The team of professionals working in an outsourcing company will quickly, efficiently, and at a low cost complete the project. The staff programmers would work long hours and with significant financial losses.
    2. An extensive range of employees. Not all companies have really qualified and talented specialists in their staff, but you can often find professionals in outsourcing firms who can help clients bring their ideas to life.
    3. A large set of advanced solutions. AR-content developers use only modern technologies for outsourcing. Any of the specialists in our company will always do everything qualitatively, as they have the most advanced equipment.

    These are not all the benefits of outsourced augmented reality development, but these are the features that fully characterize the benefits of client cooperation with an outsourcing firm. As a result, clients will not regret turning to us for augmented reality development.

    Our developments

    Armed with knowledge and advanced technologies, our specialists create first-class AR content for brand interactions, exciting the educational process, or creating a computer game with a compelling story and characters.

    Over the years of its presence on the market, the team has released quite a few augmented reality projects for various clients worldwide. Some of them should be highlighted:

    1. Augmented reality for education. AR-technology has found its application in textbooks on astronomy and geography, as well as in more serious engineering educational guides.
    2. Augmented reality to work with the brand. AR-content is adopted by many commercial structures, tired of traditional marketing approaches. It is possible to inform consumers about their ideas with the help of these technologies. Our developers have created various augmented reality programs for companies producing food, cars, clothes, or books.
    3. Augmented reality games. It is excellent leisure, distracting from routine. Our developers are ready to discuss the design and create games based on augmented reality using clients' ideas and experiences.

    Our team has a solid case of outsourced AR content development, and we will not stop there.


    Why choose us?

    You can always turn to our specialists, who are engaged in developing augmented reality projects. We always do what the client wants us to accomplish. The advantages of our company include:

    1. Customer focus. Our specialists use the best equipment and industry best practices to create quality products that can satisfy even fastidious consumers.
    2. A comprehensive approach to development. We will always offer you our services, even if you need only a consultation or to collect a ready project from separate parts.
    3. Long-term commitment. We carry out all projects to our hearts' content, and even after the product is released, we try to take care of our clients for quite a long time.

     We work according to the following scheme:

    • definition of business objectives;
    • search for anticipated solutions;
    • creating and testing the product;
    • providing post-release support for the project;
    • providing analytics;
    • ensuring promotion.

    If you need a first-class product that will blow everyone away, order its creation from us. The prices and professionalism of our team will pleasantly surprise you.



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