Talking about AI, healthcare is the very first industry that can benefit from this smart technology. Now, the AI market is full of promising newcomers willing to significantly improve healthcare. For instance, due to advanced predictive analytics AI and novel technologies it refers to have to offer, a smart communication service alerting about all possible risks, health problems and issues is not the future anymore.

These are some of the most widespread issues AI can help people with:

  • Perform robot-assisted surgeries, automation of major daily operations and much of the medical image processing.
  • Generate better, more in-depth knowledge about humans, including tissues, cells, and mechanisms they co-exist.
  • Gigantic time savings, capable to save millions of lives. For instance, AI allows performing a comprehensive tissue analysis in one day that a pathologist with classical methods would require doing in a year.  Impressed, right?

So, AI today might not only augment human activity but erase healthcare boundaries, therefore, enabling care both anywhere and everywhere.

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