Android game development outsourcing

    Android game development outsourcing

    Games are an integral part of everyone's life, no matter what you prefer to play. Therefore, their development is a demanded profession in which many specialists and innovators work. Mobile games have a massive market of potential audiences interested in the emergence of revolutionary entertainment.

    To create one application, you need to solve many problems, use a minimum of resources, and simultaneously meet deadlines. In this connection, the company may resort to outsourcing. More specifically, hire a team or a freelancer to complete one task or for a more extended period. The process of Android game development by outsourcing becomes much easier and faster. Let's look at its advantages and what it simplifies in your work.

    Some words about android game development

    Before you become interested in outsourcing services for android game development, you need to think over a plan for translating your idea into a game and about the problems that you may encounter at each stage.

    Of course, the first step is to accept the idea and solve the main organizational issues. If you are new to this market, you must ponder essential questions: genre, features, team, platform, etc. It is easier for experienced developers because they know the fundamental subtleties and have experience in this area.

    At the next stage, depending on the level of skills and the nature of the project, you need to choose a platform and programming language for android game development. If your choice falls on an Android Studio, then programming languages ​​such as Java and Kotlin suit you. More common platforms are Unity and Unreal, which work with C# and C++. If you want to minimize the use of code, then the GameMaker: Studio builder, which runs on the GameMaker Language, is the way to go. Each program has pros and cons that you must familiarize yourself with before making your final choice.

    After starting the project, you must touch on such stages as graphics and sound. The way the interface, heroes, and game menu will look, as well as what sounds will accompany the hero and what will play in the background. All this is no less important, so experience is needed.

    All stages are briefly described and show the diversity of the game's creation. You may notice that the process involves different skills and areas of activity, so it is impossible to do everything yourself. You will need either a team or outsourcing services.


    What is outsourcing?

    If we present this concept, we can say that outsourcing is the implementation of diverse projects, their support at different stages of work, and testing carried out by our external team. Android game development outsourcing provides its position in development, design, animation, sound editing, etc. The most important advantage is that you are not required to hire people for a long time and conclude a contract with them.

    Types and services provided

    Outsourcing has 2 types and a wide range of services. Let's take a closer look at how long you can hire people from outside.

    1. Development of the entire project. Beginners and experienced companies can use this method for their first project. Thanks to this view, you will be able to keep most of the profits for yourself since you will not need to look for each team member and support them throughout the project. Here you put your idea and whims into the hands of our experienced and qualified team.
    2. Development of a specific area. This option is more suitable for development teams. Our outside worker or group will be able to enhance your idea with new technologies, improve graphics or sound, and speed up the process of Android game development.

    Whatever type of outsourcing you might be attracted to, our specialists are ready to share their experience and knowledge to do their job well and quickly.

    Benefits of outsourcing Android game development

    Outsourcing Android game development has many advantages, and we want to name only the most important.

    Best Capabilities and Employees

    Our outsourcing company hires the best staff and specialists for games and many other essential and common professions. You choose only the industry and the number of people you need. It takes less time than putting together the staff yourself.

    Experience in work

    You do not need to independently think through each stage of the work and how this process will go because our experienced outsourcing employees already know how to do the job in the best way.

    Fast Process

    Of course, experience also comes with a time advantage, so your project will be ready faster than if you put together a team on your own.


    Hiring our team will cost less than collecting one because you will only pay for work and results and not pay a monthly salary and spend on other expenses.

    Hiring our team is much more convenient and profitable in all aspects if you are a beginner and just starting a developer career. Outsourcing will help solve individual problems with minimal resources if you have your staff.


    Why is our team right for you?

    Outsourcing Android game development is a ubiquitous topic in the service market. Due to the high demand, there are many offers. ServReality has been on the market for 9 years and has successfully worked in games, AR/VR, and AI. We have created over 100 AI projects, 100 AR/VR ideas, and over 40 games. Starting from young startups to large international corporations, we can get a perfectly done job and a successful project result. The ServReality team will take on the creation and development of mobile games that will become your successful business project. Therefore, you should only take some of the work on yourself and trust qualified specialists to implement your idea in a famous Android game.



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