cross-platform game development

Cross-platform Game Development

Cross-platform game development is the process of developing a game for multiple platforms, using the same base and resources. Usually a cross-platform game is developed using a universal application programming interface (API), which simplifies the process of transferring the game to different devices and platforms. It is this feature that makes the game more accessible to a wide range of people.

The importance of cross-platform game development

Cross-platform game development is now extremely necessary because it is in demand in a wider range of users. After all, when game development has the ability to transfer to other devices that support the platform, it will have access to the same software resources as the original version. Many modern developers have been using this concept for a long time, but there are still some specialists who are just starting to develop cross-platform games due to their growing popularity in the gaming industry.

Why is it important to create cross-platform games right away?

One of the most common mistakes today’s developers make is developing a game for one mobile platform and then trying to tweak it for another platform. If these mobile platforms are Android and iOS, there are many technical differences between them, so you can end up with an application that won’t work properly on either device.

Those developers who start developing cross-platform applications in the first place have more chances to finish the project successfully. They develop adaptive games from the very beginning and target users of different platforms at the same time.

Before you start developing cross-platform games, you need to understand the different types of games and platform capabilities. Nowadays, there are many different games that are developed for different platforms, which is why a developer should have skills and knowledge in creating games for a particular platform.

It is possible to highlight such popular games that have been developed on different platforms:

  • mobile games can include Clash Royale, Candy Crush
  • games for PC Overwatch, League of Legends
  • popular console games: Destiny, Call of Duty
  • MMORPG: Final Fantasy XIV, World of Warcraft

How to choose the right platform for the development of your game?

Not a less important decision, which should be taken by every developer before starting to develop the game? is the platform on which the development process will be carried out. Today there are a lot of suitable platforms for these tasks, so it is important to consider their features right away.

The main step in deciding on the right platform for game development is the need to understand the different types of games and which platform is best suited for them. For example, such games in 2D format are best suited for a personal computer or laptop, and games that have an open 3D world are suitable for PlayStation and Xbox One consoles.

In addition, you will need to consider the characteristics of your computer or game console and how much you are willing to spend on development and licensing.

Cross-platform game development company

Developing cross-platform games with the help of professional individual developers or a company is a good option for those who need to develop a game on multiple devices. This opportunity is great for those who have a need to expand their presence through game development on more devices.

Cross-platform games have significant advantages, as they allow you to reach a significant portion of the audience and will make the game as accessible as possible in different places, not just on one chosen device. This shows that your game can be available on tablets, smartphones, laptops, PCs, etc.

Why is the growth of cross-platform development important?

The popularity of cross-platform game development has increased markedly in recent years for many reasons, the main one being that it allows games to be played on different devices, thereby increasing their potential audience. More and more developers are taking advantage of cross-platform game development capabilities to use them on a variety of devices.

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