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    What is imagine Google today

    In the past, everything was easier. If one of the three big companies, Microsoft, Google, and Apple, a developer has organised a conference held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. They had participated in such a conference a couple of Times, knew you, the Hotels, the roads, the streets, which you should avoid.

    That’s in the past now. Google’s developer conference, held this year in San Francisco, but almost in Google’s front yard at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, an Open-Air stage, which is directly across from the group’s headquarters. 22,500 spectators will fit, if rock bands and the like, so as next week, The Cure.

    Because the three-day event is aimed, ultimately, under the open sky, advises the group to bring sunscreen and a warm sweater, because it can also be cooling.

    But most of all it will be exciting. The I/O uses Google on a regular basis to new operating introduce systems, new Apps, new services and technologies. 2012 has been presented here, the data glasses, Google Glass, two years later, the Project Cardboard, a cheap Virtual Reality glasses made of cardboard, DIY for yourself.

    Also in this year, many News from the Google back to headquarters in Mountain View, California awaits – so many that the Keynote, which begins after the German time on Wednesday evening at 19 o’clock, it could take up to two hours.

    And these innovations can we expect from Google:

    Android N

    A Surprise of this topic is not. It is Tradition that on the developer conference is the latest Version of Android will be presented. What is new is that Google has released to this time already. Since March, a pre-release version of Android N is available, the can down load brave users on compatible devices. First and foremost, the Nexus Smartphones and Tablets, as well as the Pixel C Tablet.

    The innovations include an improved Multitasking with split screen view, more clearly shown in notifications and the ability to message a faster answer. For players, it is important that Android N supports the so-called Vulkan APIs, a graphics technique that is faster and better in-game graphics. It will be in addition to the well-known innovations of other major feature enhancements, is unlikely.

    The question is interesting, what the N stands in Android N, however, still remains. The logic of the past years, following the Kitkat, Lollipop, Marshmallow – is being “considered Nutella” as likely. The main thing is sweet.

    Android VR

    The group plans to do with Virtual Reality is still a lot of things, Google has already shown multiple times. The VR glasses Cardboard was a beginning, the VR-camera Jump is an important step. Now, according to rumors, something even Bigger consequences: Android VR. Some think it’s only for a piece of Software, but most of the pre-reports now suggest that Google has developed a stand-alone VR-glasses – works, unlike Cardboard, regardless of the Smartphone. At least almost. For Software, Apps, and games are supposed to be from your Smartphone on the glasses transferred.

    Such a product would be a big step. For one, Google would make the technically stronger VR-headsets from HTC and Oculus competition, the market potential to dramatically expand. Finally, it would no longer be determined with such a device, in particular, a few Smartphones, such as Samsung’s Gear VR.

    Project Tango

    Google’s Project Tango is languishing for a few years from conference to conference, without attracting their attention. In short, it was previously shown as with Project Tango virtual objects into a real image of the environment type nd can be.

    That reminds you of something? Exactly Microsoft’s HoloLens does something very Similar. Only Microsoft has built a pair of glasses with a built-in computer technology. Tango is so far only on the screens of Smartphones and Tablets.

    But now, Google seems to come slowly to the point where materialized, what Tango is capable of, and what is the big Plan behind this technology. Apparently, Project Tango spaces for indoor and short distances to be what Google Maps is for the Rest of the world: a navigation system, replete with meta-data about the environment and enriched with location-based advertising.

    With the help of the distance sensors of mobile phone cameras, the Software is can be measured and mapped. If Google can then gather the necessary data, it would be an Indoor navigation system to develop, this simplifies, for example, the orientation in airports or shopping centres. Or, the display is simply a special offer to the camera screen of the mobile phone, when you enter a Store.

    What exactly Google plans to do with Tango, is unclear, but the sheer number of events that devote to the I/O on this topic, one can see that the concept is important to the group.

    Project Chirp

    In the USA, this rumor, the Tech has made Blogs for a lot of excitement: it is said that Google is developing a counterpart to the Amazon Echo. If you now ask, what that is, is justified. Because in Germany you can’t buy the Echo still. The barrel-shaped device from Amazon is a kind of voice-activated control center for connected households.

    Like Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana and Google’s Ok Google, you can give the device with spoken commands to do things. So you can control the music in the house, Amazon, order coffee, turn on the light, or simply ask how many light years is Alpha Centauri away, turns his round.

    Such a product with a connection to Google’s services could be very interesting. Not only for control of consumer electronics, but especially to the Internet services of Europe, without the need to remove a device in the Hand.

    In addition to these four large-scale construction sites, Google will show much more New. Chrome OS and Chromebooks will be a theme, just like the payment system, Android Pay, which may be introduced in other countries.

    About what there is to see, at the end of what Google reveals really, we report as of Wednesday evening directly from Mountain View.



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