Artificial intelligence DOC+ protects against medical error

Artificial intelligence DOC+ protects against medical error

Quality control of the work of medical workers is an important function in the work of any clinic. Medical institutions spend significant human and financial resources on this. DOC+ has decided to shift this work to artificial intelligence and is now going to sell its solution to companies around the world. Only in Russia, it expects to receive hundreds of millions of rubles a year from this.

DOC + Service it was launched by Viktor Belogub, Dmitry Khandogin and Ruslan Zaidullin in September 2015. Among the co — owners of the company are the founder and CEO of Yandex Arkady Volozh, CEO of OneTwoTrip Mikhail Sokolov, co-founder of Lamoda Florian Jansen. The company offered consumers the service of calling doctors at home in Moscow and the Moscow region. In July 2016, the project received $5.5 million in investments from Yandex and the Baring Vostok Fund. At the end of 2016, DOC+ ‘ s revenue amounted to about 70 million rubles. At the end of May 2017, the company released an application that allows you to consult with doctors in a chat or via audio and video communication and, if necessary, after the consultation, call a doctor or nurse at home, take tests and get their transcript. That is, the project began to offer a basic telemedicine service. In early July, the company received another investment from Baring Vostok and Yandex. At that time, according to the representatives of the project, the service served more than 60 thousand calls to the house, and about 300 doctors worked in the company’s staff.

Initially, artificial intelligence technologies were used only for checking DOC+patient records. In 2018, when it was decided to develop AI as a separate product, the company attracted another player in the telemedicine market — the company “Doctor is near”. As part of a joint project in the summer of 2018, Doctor Next handed over several thousand medical protocols to DOC+ for training the algorithm, and DOC+ trained the system to work with data from external sources and created an API for integrating the solution with the partner’s information systems. Since October 11, 2018, the development of DOC+ has been integrated into the quality control system “Doctor Next”.

The system is automatic checks 100% of all cards for 15 parameters: from the completeness of the anamnesis collection to the correctness of the prescribed dosages of drugs. The algorithm analyzes the dependencies between the data specified in the map, and sets estimates for each of the criteria. Documents with low grades are sent to doctors for additional examination. This allows you to significantly reduce the possibility of errors in the design of protocols, reduce the participation of doctors in the checks of medical documents by three times, and also make the check impartial.

AI is being brought to the market

“DOC+ has been developing technologies in the field of AI in medicine for more than 1.5 years, but until now they have been used only for internal purposes — to optimize processes and improve the quality of medical care provided. Now our services have become available and in demand in other clinics. We are very pleased with the successful completion of the pilot project with Doctor Near and the launch of the commercial use of the service”, – he says Ilya Larchenko, Innovation Director of DOC+.

A team of a dozen engineers specializing in machine learning (machine learning), and a total of about 30 doctors. Direct development costs are the salaries of the project participants, the entire AI team and the doctors involved, which can be estimated at several hundred thousand dollars. However, it should be taken into account that the project would not have worked if DOC+ did not have data on several hundred thousand electronic medical records that have accumulated since the company was founded, created on the basis of its own licensed digital medical service. Based on this data, the algorithm was trained. It is impossible to buy such large-scale data sets (data sets) on the market.

The potential revenue from the sale of DOC+ technology to third-party medical institutions in the Russian Federation is estimated at hundreds of millions of rubles per year. Currently, DOC+ is negotiating the launch of pilot projects on the use of its solution with several regional ministries of health in the Russian Federation, which are interested in innovative technological tools to improve the quality of medical care in the region without additional costs. But the priority market for the company is located abroad, so in the coming years DOC+ will explore the possibility of” interationalization ” of the product.

At the same time, foreign competitors are also not asleep. In August 2018, Prudential Asia, the” daughter ” of the British insurer Prudential plc, agreed to implement an AI-based medical solution developed by Babylon Health startup. For several years of using the product in a number of Asian countries, Prudential Asia has agreed to pay about $100 million, according to Forbes magazine.

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