Virtual and Augmented Reality have all reasons to be one of the most breakthrough technologies people can observe in the sphere of retailing and shopping since the Internet creation. The Virtual Reality halls suggest the customers immerse themselves in the unreal area and use and arrange the company’s products. The virtual demonstration room is an economized and effective instrument that helps clients make some technological decisions.

Augmented Reality gives the clients to add their customers surrounding to the digital data. The variants of AR and VR use are limitless. The augmented reality allows buyers to see how a new thing will look and combine.

What ServReality does?

Our team creates individual VR and AR practices and applications for shopping and e-commerce organizations. Our professionals may turn your ideas and thoughts into VR and AR products. We have the experience to create AR apps for different platforms. Our developers deal with Unreal Engine and Unity to form the activated virtual surrounding.

Augmented Reality store apps

Clients can apply their AR-based tools to add some advertising and product info in the shop area. Changing features of items and capability to try on products are the primary possibilities of augmented reality technology in the shopping sphere.

Virtual Reality store demonstration rooms

Customers can use a service of store demonstration rooms where all products are presented and they may look and customize anything wanted. Clients can shop online from their homes. It is comfortable and takes no effort.

Augmented reality ‘available everywhere’ apps

Sellers can add a function AR in their mobile apps or create new ones to attract the clients to shop’s products anywhere. One can use this wonderful digital experience anytime.

Shopping and e-commerce Virtual Reality

Clients can create virtual shop for products, which allows the users to check the size and scale, color and structure. It is a kind of high-quality VR shopping and e-commerce experience.


Our experts check and examine the business thoughts and necessary features of retail apps with great attention. We form the primary plan based on our analysis and then after acceptation deal with other stages of development.

Plan and improvement

Our professionals generate the appropriate plan that follows all customer requirements and their business. We make a lot of effort to test the created app or software and personalize the experience for the clients.


After deep considerations our team creates a model and structure of the app, keeping all initial brand features. When the prototype is approved, our engineers turn the plan in the code and build a specialized retail app.

Final product

When the final product is ready, we test it for availability and usability in different situations to prove the high quality. After good results, we send the product to the customer.

Why is the choice VR and AR?

The technologies VR and AR immerse the users and attract a lot of advantages. Their solutions for raising questions such as storage, displaying and organization of products are simple and effective.

  • VR and AR are quick and entertaining. People can perceive the info faster and keep it longer.
  • Workers can perform the work without any fear to make mistakes or take risks. No risks – no expenses.
  • Workers with a complicated kind of jobs can advance their skills without facing real-world consequences. Difficult tasks may be performed many times and no additional finances.
  • Virtual Reality allows clients to analyze situations and cases in VR and no observe the reactions of workers and students before spending money on real scenarios.

Virtual and Augmented Reality are not only for entertainment. We are experts in creating VR and AR practices and apps. Our goal is the formation of interactive VR/AR experiences for any kind of activity: gaming and business.

Contact our ServReality team to know how to implement VR/AR experiences for your business. If you want to advance your shop or enterprise with innovative technologies, call us.

virtual reality shaping the future retail industry - VR AND AR IN SHOPPING AND E-COMMERCE

The augmented reality and VR experiences are compelling in delivering real and immediate feedback. In fact, the Virtual and augmented reality has revolutionized the way people shop – buy homes, choose which accessories and clothes to purchase. ServReality helps customers to join this digital revolution. We’ve already:

  • Captured and deployed engaging virtual tours
  • Powered tools for interior and product customization
  • Helped customers to publish awesome augmented catalogs, driving greater sales.

Become closer to your audience in a novel and profound way, ServReality can help you with that!


✚ What is VR?

➢Virtual Reality (VR) is the use of computer technology to create a simulated environment.

✚ What is AR?

➢AR is an interactive experience of a real-world environment where the objects that reside in the real world are enhanced by computer-generated perceptual information, sometimes across multiple sensory modalities, including visual, auditory, haptic, somatosensory and olfactory

✚ What does AR and VR work in the shopping industry?

➢Captured and deployed engaging virtual tours, Powered tools for interior and product customization, Helped customers to publish awesome augmented catalogs, driving greater sales.

✚ Where can I look at your cases?

➢You can look at our cases here.

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